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  1. Glickenhaus crushed Bronco again.

    2017 Raptor did it. - edit - I know they drove the truck home after the race. Don't think they drove it there. Either way... impressive.
  2. Seating position feedback?

    I wanted to go to the Jeep dealership yesterday so I could get a better feel for what I think the interior dimensions will be in the new Bronco. On the way there, I also stopped by the Ford dealership to look at colors. While there, I hopped in the driver's seat of the Ranger and did the same in...
  3. Why go Sasquatch when Badlands 4.70 is Same ?

    This guy gets it. Don't seek to just have an opinion. Be more like AcesandEights and have an opinion based on facts and knowledge.
  4. SEMA Special Live Stream Bronco Q&A

    I still think they've left more questions about exactly what the Sasquatch gives the Badlands package other than wheels/tires. I want to know exactly how the lift is accomplished - new springs/shocks, spacer lift, etc.
  5. SEMA Special Live Stream Bronco Q&A

    Watch again. He says it lifts the Base about 1.5" and lifts the Badlands about 10mm.
  6. SEMA Special Live Stream Bronco Q&A

    Sounds like we won't be ordering until next year.
  7. SEMA Special Live Stream Bronco Q&A

    Only 10mm of increased lift from Badlands 33" to 35"
  8. Dates for 2021 Bronco Order Acceptance, Scheduling and Production Start Revealed!

    It's only going to get worse once the order is placed and you are trying to track build dates/status and ship dates/status and you know it's bad when you are calling Union Pacific wanting to know the status of the train that it's on.
  9. 2 door Bronco Badlands (Cyber Orange) seen at Ford R&D center

    The BFG tires are just so much better looking than the GoodYear tires.
  10. Sound System Upgrade Question

    Top picture shows Focal speakers with magnet up but the cone up are the B&O speakers. You can see the cone material and surround. Middle picture is the magnet of the front (6x9) and rear (6.5). Bottom pics are of the A-pillar mounted tweeters - stock vs Focal
  11. Sound System Upgrade Question

    Here are some pics I stole from another forum where a user upgraded his B&O system using Focal components. Gives you an idea what you are getting with the B&O. It sounds fine but it's by no means an audiophile system.
  12. Sound System Upgrade Question

    Pretty sure Harman Kardon owns B&O -
  13. Sound System Upgrade Question

    Pretty sure all of the B&O speakers are just cheap paper speakers with Ford stamped on the back. As a F150 owner with the B&O option, I can tell you that there's nothing hugely special about the B&O speakers.
  14. Badlands Standard versus Squatch Suspension

    Big question for me is - if I order a standard badlands, what parts would I need if I wanted to make it into a Sasquatch... minus the wheels and tires part.
  15. 33" A/T on sasquatch

    You can absolutely change your tires for 33" tires after you purchase your Sasquatch Bronco.
  16. Oxford White Base 2-Door with keypad and mud flaps (off production line)

    That keypad location is terrible. I'm out on that for sure.
  17. What are you cross-shopping the Bronco against?

    My current 2019 F150 Raptor vs Badlands Bronco
  18. Who's bought a vehicle sight unseen before?

    I took the opportunity to fly out to Salt Lake City and take the Raptor Assault class, which was fantastic. I also use it off road when scouting for ducks during duck season here in Arkansas. Not really Baja but definitely off road. It's easily the most capable vehicle I've ever been in.