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  1. nminus1

    Dealership dummies depress me

    Your post/experience is EXACTLY what I say to my friends/family. I have NEVER found a salesman that knows even close what I know about their product. Somehow they think slick talk and friendly banter will get them though every sale. NOPE. HOW HARD IS TO KNOW YOUR PRODUCTS!!?? If I was a salesman...
  2. nminus1

    Photos: Antimatter Blue 2-door Outer Banks Sasquatch Rock Crawling!

    Cant wait to get my AMB 2 door!!
  3. nminus1

    12” Screen - Sync 4 Demo and 360 camera footage (on F-150)

    So 5k for 12" screen? 10k ? Suddenly the 8" screen looks so good for free!! 10k buys lots of mechanical goodies and tires, winches, accessories, tops, aftermarket stereo sub woofers, beer coolers, tug straps, etc ad nauseum
  4. nminus1

    Antimatter Blue vs Velocity Blue vs Lightning Blue on Ford trucks

    Sorry Velocity Blue fans but it looks lile a Honda/Toyota/Nissan whatever. JMO. Plain Jane. AMB is like a long cool woman in a black dress out of a Hollies song.. (For you Millenials thats a band from 30 years before you were born)
  5. nminus1

    Aftermarket grab handles

    Once SEMA peeps get there hands on a Bronco, and some are actually on the road/delivered, there will be a giant aftermarket shitstorm for cool stuff. Save some of your money for the goodies to come....
  6. nminus1

    2 Door Sasquatch height?

    Thank you! My garage is 83" high but the driveway has a decline in it, down to flat about 8' before the door. That means the rear tires will still be elevated as the front of the roof starts into into the garage under the main beam. It will be close.
  7. nminus1

    2 Door Sasquatch height?

    I want to put my 2 door Sasquatch in my garage, anyone have a confirmed total roof height for it? Looked around I couldn't find anything. Thanks
  8. nminus1

    Antimatter Blue Bronco 2-Door Outer Banks Pics

    I gave up at 55k stilll no power seats. Please correct me if I'm wrong
  9. nminus1

    Antimatter Blue Bronco 2-Door Outer Banks Pics

    I get that its important for some peeps. I'm getting the base model. I may be wrong but if I wanted power seats how much would I have to spend? The next model up plus mid package? That is more what I was alluding to.... I'll try and build the cheapest model that has the power seats and see, now...
  10. nminus1

    Antimatter Blue Bronco 2-Door Outer Banks Pics

    The seat bottom goes up and down, the back tilts forward and back, the whole seat moves fore and aft, and there is a lumbar adjustment??!! So tell me why again would I spend 5k or more for an electric seat?
  11. nminus1

    SEMA Special Live Stream Bronco Q&A

    That chick Cristy Lee is just irritating. Just sayin' wish they could find someone else to host that video, the Ford guys seemed cool but thats it.
  12. nminus1

    Antimatter Blue Bronco 2-Door Outer Banks Pics

    Dont be a AMB hater they have 70's Eyeshadow Blue aka Area 51 for those that want pretty trucks :)
  13. nminus1

    A point of contact for SoCal buyers

    Transferred my reservation just now, thanks again Eric!
  14. nminus1

    How do i change dealers on ford account?

    Changed mine today piece of cake, 10 min, thanks guys!
  15. nminus1

    Pics: Bronco Slide-Out Tailgate and Sunrider Top

    Anyone got the answer to the question already asked: (If so I apologize..) HOW TALL IS THE 2 DOOR SASQUATCH? I need to fit mine in the garage I would like to know. Thanks
  16. nminus1

    A point of contact for SoCal buyers

    3 dealers including the one I selected for my reservation WILL NOT return emails or calls. I emailed Eric at Kearny Mesa just now, i hope things improve!!
  17. nminus1

    Photos: Rapid Red Black Diamond 2dr Sasquatch In the woods

    No one else should get the AMB. (I changed my mind) Everyone should get red Broncos. AMB sucks. Yep. I will be the only only one getting the sucky AMB, poor me. LOL.
  18. nminus1

    Photos: Rapid Red Black Diamond 2dr Sasquatch In the woods

    If someone would just get rid of that Focus/Mustang/Escape/F-150/Fiesta/Ranger/Explorer/Expedition/Excursion and EVERY OTHER MODEL FORD MAKES IN RAPID RED and replace it with AMB that would be greeeaaattt.....
  19. nminus1

    Dealer claims we'll be able to submit Bronco order from our own Ford account

    Well I guess I will find out soon. If anyone has a good hook up for a new dealer recommendation for me in Central/So Cal let me know. I bought my daughters car there 3 years ago, I had X plan they made it easy then but I have no dealer loyalty per se as I will drive 300 miles to find a...