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  1. vortexSigns

    Ford. Give us a Sasquatch Badge.

    It can pass as a Sasquatch. With other emblems like Badlands, etc Which one better - one on the left or right ?
  2. vortexSigns

    Ford. Give us a Sasquatch Badge.

    Maybe this one?
  3. vortexSigns

    Ford. Give us a Sasquatch Badge.

    Its been done
  4. vortexSigns

    Ford. Give us a Sasquatch Badge.

    Its already been done 3 weeks ago. 2 designs
  5. vortexSigns

    Give us input what graphics you'd like to see us design for the 6G Broncos

    They are all over. You can buy them anywhere. Let me know if you cant find what you are looking for and we customize it on the spot.
  6. vortexSigns

    BRONCO LED lighting grill or Painted lettering?

    You get get a best of both. Use reflective vinyl. We have it.
  7. vortexSigns

    What do you guys think of painting the fender flares????

    or just wrap it. If it gets scratched, easy to swap
  8. vortexSigns

    Vinyl For Accessories

    If you do wrap yourself, use 3M 1080 or 2080 type. Its meant to be stretched. Wrapping the top professionally probably will cost around $500-800. If texture is not smooth they may charge more.
  9. vortexSigns

    My Favorite Bronco Decal

    Thanks. Feel free to order
  10. vortexSigns

    Just saw a $180K Bronco

    If someone was going to pay that price, LA or Hampton's is the right place to sell it. Those are the people who can afford a toy in that price range.
  11. vortexSigns

    Bronco Decals

    Right now slightly bigger about 0.5" larger all around to accommodate the edges. Once you apply it, you cut the excess with a razor. Once the car comes out on the market it will be trimmed to exact size. Most of the kits out there for most cars a slightly bigger anyway and people trim them a bit
  12. vortexSigns

    Bronco Woodie

    Wood wrap is always a cheaper option and removable at some point with ease
  13. vortexSigns

    Just saw a $180K Bronco

    We saw at least 2 other similar ones while I was there. And at least 4 of those old style LR Defenders with similar look. Maybe square body look is coming back. Or maybe its just big $
  14. vortexSigns

    Bronco Decals

  15. vortexSigns

    Bronco Decals

    The side stripe is ready. Issue is with the hood stripe. It needs to be curved. To do that we need actual car here. None of the insiders want to help so we just have to wait until 1st local one shows up to template it.
  16. vortexSigns

    Just saw a $180K Bronco

    I was driving by local Hamptons dealer and saw this suite '79 Bronco. I look it up on their site for the price and got a sticker shock. Hollly....... Only Hamptonites can afford that I guess
  17. vortexSigns

    Bronco Wishlist to Ford

    Here are some fender decals.
  18. vortexSigns

    Give us input what graphics you'd like to see us design for the 6G Broncos

    Ford maybe, but we are almost ready with that design. Sides are done but hood needs a curve and its hard to design it without actual car.
  19. vortexSigns

    Which is better for new Bronco: Wrapping, or Painting?

    Wrap. Because - You will change your mind on the color at some point - Better resell value when you switch it back to original color - any small damage/scratches can be replaced with a wrap -instead of doing body work - cheaper that way - Better UV protection against the sun where paint would...