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  1. porjos

    Bronco Trim Model Badge / Logo / Emblem Sticker Part Numbers

    I remember the "4x4 Sport" decal on the rear side panel of my F150 was $60 to replace when I had to get some body work done. It was then and there I decided to remove the other side, and I've never looked back. I, for one, welcome these trim 'badges' being stickers - so I can take some floss...
  2. porjos

    How much for a steel rear bumper?

    I'm basing this on F150 aftermarket bumpers, but anywhere between $600-2000, depending on quality and brand name. Somewhat related thought...the steel rear bumper shown in BD pics, and the configurator...look A LOT like the plastic bumper. I don't know if it's the same mold but different...
  3. porjos

    Black Diamond Non-Sasquatch pics thread

    I found that very odd, that such a small (and cool!) detail was left out on that's the ONLY rim to not offer it. Even the 16 inch base steelies have it :( I don't know if it's a psychological way of Ford trying to upsell you from a mid-trim...but it's rather annoying to get something...
  4. porjos

    Chesapeake Bronco Club

    This is only an hour away from me! It's absolutely beautiful Appalachia country down there ('up' for you Marylanders). Also @beachman101, as someone else stated, they have easy trails there. If I had a 4x4 beater with some aftermarket juice, I'd do the tougher trails...but frankly, I don't...
  5. porjos

    Did B&P change up colors on vehicles???

    Still looks minty to me. "Fake" Cactus Grey was my favorite color until I saw real photos. I refuse to call it by it's actual name and just say "Concrete Gray".
  6. porjos

    First look at Maverick Pickup Truck Interior

    Man, that thing looks like it's 1/10 of a mile long. #Livin' That Hearse Life
  7. porjos

    Any Big Bend interior pics?

    This is the only known production shot of the Big Bend interior (Medium Sandstone). This looks like factory lighting, so it's that weird bright blue-hued light making things look super-bright. The Bronco Nation interior walkthrough video also shows short clips of the Big Bend interior. The...
  8. porjos

    Chesapeake Bronco Club

    Alright, it's settled. I am going down in winter time for some night beach driving and a bonfire. That sounds fantastic.
  9. porjos

    Camping in a Bronco 4 Door + Measurements for Rear Sleeping Area

    Easy fix for the 2 door... take ALL the seats out. I have a milk crate I'll be using as a driver seat while not in "camp mode"
  10. porjos

    Is your Bronco Build 1 in a Million?

    The devil is in the details... Add some truck nuts and a "Bob Dole for President" campaign sticker, guarantees any car to be 1 in million.
  11. porjos

    Speaker Size....

    Yeah, there are a couple threads of people asking...but unfortunately my deep dives have not found anything concrete, just speculation. Ford, to my knowledge, has not listed the specs anywhere. I would have liked to buy the speakers beforehand to swap out day one. Ford's factory speakers...
  12. porjos

    Chesapeake Bronco Club

    Do you guys have any 4x4 beaches worth recommending down there in Maryland/Delaware?
  13. porjos

    Is the sandstone interior really this bad?

    I was super happy with it haha, I may be going down to Big Bend and I'm super stoked to have a not black/grey interior like 90% of vehicles currently on the market.
  14. porjos

    So the dash is grey now?

    That's not true. I genuinely feel bad for the McDonald's Happy Meals inspired Race Red/Rapid Red exterior with the BD orange interior accents. :LOL:
  15. porjos

    Mickey Thompson vs. Dick Cepek (looking for opinions)

    I say stick with BFG! I've never run the KM3, but KO2's are the perfect balance of on and off-road capability - relatively quiet on the road for an A/T, but aggressive tread and good grip off-road. I sometimes drive on questionable unpaved roads near my home where there is an overabundance of...
  16. porjos

    I’m out to!!!

    Can't go wrong with the Tacoma! But gotta park in the lines. Don't be "that" guy 🤠
  17. porjos

    Spotted: Non-Sasquatch Black Diamonds testing

    Looking good, that's my build 🙂 But what a tease. I swear, if I ever see one in the wild, I'm uploading 800GB of pics. #EveryAngleMatters
  18. porjos

    The stupid questions thread

    I would assume so since it's 50/50 split seats (60/40 for 4dr). However, it hasn't been released exactly how they're attached (I'm assuming the ole' threaded bolt and nut deal). Ford did say they're removable, but not "easily". I take that to mean 'Bob' down the street with no mechanical...
  19. porjos

    Black Diamond Bronco Thread

    Aftermarket parts do not void warranties. As long as the headlight is DOT approved, you're golden.
  20. porjos

    Thinking About Ordering a 2 Door? - Watch this video!

    Some people will use their Broncos as a family sedan, some will...not. Unpopular opinion: I don't think the 4 door looks as good, especially with <33 inch tires.