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  1. Base lays claim to Iconic Script Bronco Badge!!

    BaseSquatch? or BasicSquatch?
  2. WHEEL specs- anything definitive yet?

    The answer's the same. 0 offset appears to be safe. A 6mm difference probably won't make much of a difference. The 315s will fit better than the proper 35s on the Overland concept. We don't know the actual offset of the Sasquatch wheel and we keep getting contradictory half answers on what the...
  3. WHEEL specs- anything definitive yet?

    Enough for what? To fit 35s? Probably, yes. Lift height will make a difference. If you're going to stuff it like the Overland concept, 0 or negative is probably best.
  4. WHEEL specs- anything definitive yet?

    The aftermarket rims on the overland concept are 0 offset. The stock wheels appear to be rather positive and The Sasquatch wheels are either 0 or somewhere in between.
  5. WHEEL specs- anything definitive yet?

    That's what I meant. I've dealt with frame rub before, and it's something you can learn to live with, so I'm just taking a leap and getting the rims. But I'd love to know if it'll be an issue.
  6. Swing Out Spare Bumper

    I'm not talking about tailgates. Most tailgates have mechanical stops in them. Swing arms mounted to the bumper have a large rotation and a lot of mass. A failed (or forgotten) latch and a quick turn can swing them fast enough to take a vehicle coming the other way by surprise.
  7. WHEEL specs- anything definitive yet?

    Same. If I can get away with the optional "beadlock capable" wheel on 35s, that's what I'll be doing.
  8. Swing Out Spare Bumper

    Fun fact, the reason you don't see full length swing arms to the driver side is if the latch fails, it won't swing into oncoming traffic.
  9. "Wait for black mod hard top" Crew 💪

    I'm undecided. I don't hate the MIC top and could live with it. But I was psyched about the pop out corner windows and do thing the mod top looks better. I'm hoping we get more information on the mod top before we have to order. My hopes aren't high .....
  10. Dash Accessory / Picatinny rail news?

    It was on the SEMA build so I assume it's still in the plans, but seems like it'll be a DIO after the fact.
  11. Granger Ford - to our current reservation holders

    Time to invest in better CRM software ....
  12. Soundbar from SEMA Vehicle-- why?

    Because they hadn't hit the minimum budget to be considered SEMA ridiculous?
  13. To Order or Not to Order, that is the question??

    Yeah, that being the case, it's an awfully silly accessory. Then again, SEMA builds are generally all about silly rather than practical.
  14. Advanced 4x4 vs the standard option

    There's also a gearing difference. The standard 4x4 is 2.72:1. The Advance 4x4 is 3.06:1. If you want the advertised 94.75:1 crawl ratio, you need to option the Advance 4x4 along with the 7 speed. It gives you a better ratio in the auto too but I don't remember the numbers specifically.
  15. Alternative to Ford compressor?

    Definitely cool, but it's a lot of air hose to run. And if you pop a seal or poke a hole in one of the lines, your whole system goes down. I'd want, at minimum, stainless steel lines for the setup and I'd still probably end up carrying a normal hose, out of paranoia, as a back up. Doing it that...
  16. Alternative to Ford compressor?

    I thought you were referring to the onboard systems that inflate all the tires at once. They require running hoses to each corner and pigtails to connect those to each tire. Fancy but way more complex.
  17. Two weeks from tomorrow

    Yeah, I'm kind of over the agonizing over how I want the order to go in. Let it be done.
  18. Two weeks from tomorrow

    The rock rails DO come with the Badlands, regardless what the B&P says.
  19. To Order or Not to Order, that is the question??

    Any hint at when Ford is going to let the order guide out of the bag?