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  1. Boston182

    Why go 2-door unless you have to?

    I'm realizing now that, no matter the topic, people feel the need to feel superior to others, even if for trivial reasons. This whole thread is begging to be closed down.
  2. Boston182

    Does Navy Tier still look bad if paired with AMB or Ionic Silver?

    I'm glad you all found each other.
  3. Boston182

    Anyone else get a Pre-Approval notice on their Bronco Reservation?

    If I wanted to drive a $110,000 vehicle, I'd be one of those jackasses that buys those Mercedes AMG Wagons. I always wonder what type of person actually buys one of those.
  4. Boston182

    Wildtrak makes no sense at all.

    Welcome to Ford, where everything's made up and the points don't matter.
  5. Boston182

    First Edition Bronco Thread

    This guy gets it. This is all that's on my mind. The last sliver of hope in me keeping my reservation of a First Edition. That, and the fact I'd tug off a Ford exec for more exterior colors to pair with a new interior option. Shadow Black, Carbonized Gray, or that Filson/Forest Service Green...
  6. Boston182

    Vintage Bronco Graphics

    @Ridergraphix I'd pay great money for this modern take on the classic decal.
  7. Boston182

    First Edition Bronco Thread

    I have not been able to think about literally anything other than this for the last three days.
  8. Boston182

    First Edition Bronco Thread

    This is still something that perplexes the shit out of me. They aren't offering any true neutral colors for FE. No white, black, grey. Cactus gray is as close as it gets. Seems criminal.
  9. Boston182

    First Edition Bronco Thread

    Well... Let's just hope the new option isn't worse. Haha. If they give us the option of Wildtrak Camo or Navy Pier, I think I'd rather just choose a long walk off the shortest pier.
  10. Boston182

    First Edition Bronco Thread

    Stitching can be sharpied or dyed. I think griping about seat stitching is one of the funniest complaints. It's such a minor detail. I go on walks every day (thanks COVID) and pay attention to cars colors and interiors, since I'm obviously in the market. I walked past a few cars today with bold...
  11. Boston182

    Followed 2 Broncos and got to see Marine Grade Vinyl (MGV) Interior

    Do you have documentation of this? I assumed all vinyl was MGV. If not, now I have another variable on keeping my FE vs going to a BL
  12. Boston182

    First Edition Bronco Thread

    Oh God. Oh God oh God oh God. Please.
  13. Boston182

    First Edition Bronco (Pre-Production) with Rear Cupholders Spotted

    Not hating. All about the "to each their own" mentality. I'm also getting a 2-door because I'll rarely have backseat passengers and my dog doesn't know how to drink out of cups.
  14. Boston182

    First Edition Bronco (Pre-Production) with Rear Cupholders Spotted

    This thread mostly makes me laugh because everyone is so concerned about cup holders. As a driver, I never gave them a thought, much less anything else in the backseat. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. Boston182

    News: Dual Tops Option Will Be Late Availability

    Honestly, I'd rather do this than have the CG MIC top on my hands afterward. Not like people will be buying them up since everyone else will be doing the same thing. Would suck to wait, but would suck more to have that thing forever.
  16. Boston182

    News: Dual Tops Option Will Be Late Availability

    Needs more underlines.
  17. Boston182

    News: Dual Tops Option Will Be Late Availability

    Wait. So I'm NOT forced into getting MIC top and CAN wait for Modular Black on FE? I thought the refunded the price of the Modular Black because we HAD to take MIC at order?
  18. Boston182

    Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 2-Door SEMA Concept – First Live Pics! [Updated With Specs / Mods List]

    Missed opportunity to have a graphite Bronco emblem on the back to match the rest of that matte gray/black look. But this thing is awesome.
  19. Boston182

    Fellow FE Reservation Holders - What's your last straw?

    This thread should live on forever as a collection of broken promises and disappointed fans from which Ford should have to live with forever. So, as far as I can tell, can someone clarify if I'm correct: I can't get a FE late with the black modular top already on it? They deliver with the...