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  1. VGK_Fan

    Followed 2 Broncos and got to see Marine Grade Vinyl (MGV) Interior

    Awesome work my friend. Interesting that they come to Vegas on a rare overcast day. I wonder how the paint will look during the 300 days of sunshine we get? I'll be on the lookout this weekend
  2. VGK_Fan

    SEMA Special Live Stream Bronco Q&A

    Really? That's impressive considering the moon is 382,500 kilometers away! :ROFLMAO:
  3. VGK_Fan

    Official Wallpapers and Video: Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 2-Door SEMA Concept

    I'm not wild about the graphics and don't need the fancy ($$$) grab handles and trail sights. But take my money right now for those fenders and roadster doors. 🤤
  4. VGK_Fan

    Bronco Aftermarket Wheels | what options do you want?

    All the current Fifteen52 wheels for the Bronco: Also, there may be an option for a group buy where we could save a significant amount of $ by ordering 40+ wheels at a time. Put me down for 5 of the Analog HD Classics in white!
  5. VGK_Fan

    “Vegas” Gold Butte National Monument and Hobgoblin’s playground

    I second Christmas Tree Pass. Took that road coming back from Laughlin once in my work truck.
  6. VGK_Fan


    A little bird told me that Gaudin Ford "may" offer pricing in the X-Plan neighborhood. This is second hand from someone who deals with the fleet manager there so not sure if it will apply to retail customers. They haven't decided anything yet but I was encouraged that there might be no ADM...
  7. VGK_Fan

    Ford to Reveal Custom Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 2-Door Concept @ ‘Ford Auto Nights’ SEMA Show Special Webcast

    No kidding. Those roadster doors are fantastic and if we can bolt on fenders like those it will be a game changer
  8. VGK_Fan

    Open air view on Bronco 2 Door with top removed

    They are completely different vehicles. The Bronco has larger wheel wells and higher ride height. They can either shrink the wheel wells and stick skinny tires on there, or raise the floor higher over the wheel wells where you'd need a cherry picker to get in the thing. I think they did it...
  9. VGK_Fan

    I want a white top. What are my choices?

    Mine will either be painted, rhino lined or wrapped in vinyl. Leaning towards vinyl where I can have other items wrapped at the same time- flares, door handles, maybe the roll cage.
  10. VGK_Fan

    Antimatter Blue mockups with white top, fender flares & wheels

    So much better than faded gray. White top and white wheels like the photo above is a nice look
  11. VGK_Fan

    First look at Antimatter Blue Bronco in the sun!

    I was thinking the same but now I'm leaning towards getting it wrapped and not waiting an extra year. Decisions, decisions
  12. VGK_Fan

    Sound System Upgrade Question

    Totally agree. Homelink only available in the Lux package is ridiculous. I haven't had a vehicle without it since I don't know when, including mid-level Hondas decades ago. I want the B&O system too so it's a no-brainer for me. BTW I have a B&O system in my Audi and it's the best stock system...
  13. VGK_Fan

    First look at Antimatter Blue Bronco in the sun!

    Looks disgusting with the gray plastic. Why Ford, why?
  14. VGK_Fan

    My B&P and delivery is April 2021!!

    Color me jealous. That is a beautiful machine. I've been getting frustrated with the non-stop bad news regarding the Bronco and told my kids I was going to forget it and get a 911, albeit an older one that costs roughly the same as the Badlands I'm looking at. Both kids told me not to do it. But...
  15. VGK_Fan

    Im not asking for much, but Ford wont sell it to me.

    I've had ventilated seats in my last 2 cars and I run them year round. The beads may be the answer I'm looking for
  16. VGK_Fan

    Im not asking for much, but Ford wont sell it to me.

    That or the faux sheepskin covers at the auto parts store ;)
  17. VGK_Fan

    Im not asking for much, but Ford wont sell it to me.

    I'm disappointed in the interior choices too. My rear end would fuse to the MGV here in Vegas but I'll adapt. Bikini top, seat covers, tilt the seat forward when exiting the vehicle. Some or all of those options should save me from 3rd degree burns.
  18. VGK_Fan

    Badlands Bronco Thread

    I don't think you can go wrong either way but you'll save money by sticking with the standard wheels, and you can pseudo-squatch it down the road if you decide it needs more rubber. Good luck
  19. VGK_Fan

    Badlands Bronco Thread

    That was mentioned before but the "design" team didn't address it during the video walkthru. I'm hoping to pass on the orange stitching and accents. The handles can be easily painted, the seats not so much.
  20. VGK_Fan

    Badlands Bronco Thread

    How many doors are you getting? I think the 2 door on 33's is a good look but many have said they look small on the 4 door. Either way, it will be about looks more than function for you if you're not running it over extreme terrain. If you're undecided you could start with 33's and upgrade later.