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  1. Skeletor

    E load problems - best 275/70/r18 AT?

    Are you sure these aren't going to weight as much as an f-150? These are pretty heavy vehicles.
  2. Skeletor

    Badlands Vinyl vs Leather

    I was thinking the same thing. Plus, I've seen thr posts from the Hotheads owner on here. He seems like a good dude, and I'd love to support his business.
  3. Skeletor

    Badlands Vinyl vs Leather

    I'm thinking of going Hotheads after purchase as well. We don't know the quality of OEM or what Hotheads will be, BUT I hate the idea of rolling that ~$400 into the life of the loan.
  4. Skeletor

    Badlands Vinyl vs Leather

    The Merino leather is next level. Even the leather smell is incredible.
  5. Skeletor

    Badlands Vinyl vs Leather

    I really hope Ford uses a higher grade of vinyl than off road equipment and tractors.
  6. Skeletor

    Badlands Vinyl vs Leather

    A friend of mine has a Mercedes. The leather in that thing puts all other automotive leather Ford uses to shame.
  7. Skeletor

    Black Diamond vs Wildtrak

    I think B&P is glitches. The rock rails are supposed to be standard on the BD.
  8. Skeletor

    Consumer Reports 2020 Reliability Ratings - New Ford Vehicles Perform Poorly

    That article makes it sound like the problem is the plant in Chicago.
  9. Skeletor

    Is the towing capacity really that bad?

    This is is where it is. I can see GVWR and GAWR below it. It's just not high enough resolution for me to make it out.
  10. Skeletor

    Consumer Reports 2020 Reliability Ratings - New Ford Vehicles Perform Poorly

    I dont think any manufacturer sets out to make a bad vehicle. I'm sure they do what they think is necessary to make the best car, truck, or SUV that they can.
  11. Skeletor

    Is the towing capacity really that bad?

    Don't know about the white sticker. It's a little hard to make out. I've been asking some of the people who happen to find them out in the wild if they can get a look. Haven't had any luck so far. The orange sticker with the payload rating likely is referring to the tire load rating. A lot of...
  12. Skeletor

    Is the towing capacity really that bad?

    Someone posted this earlier. The payload sticker there indicates 816lbs.
  13. Skeletor

    Is the towing capacity really that bad?

    That's just it. We don't know that the GVWR is capped at 6k, or even if it isn't if that restriction is due to an artificial cap by Ford or whether is arises from safety limitations from a vehicle component. With that said, the prevailing theory has been that Ford has capped the GVWR to keep it...
  14. Skeletor

    Learn about the soft top, video tonight

    The soft top is gona be louder than the hard top but not quite as loud as no top. But let's be honest with each other. If road noise is a deal breaker for anyone, the Bronco is probably not going to be for them. You have to be ok with road noise or you're gona have a bad time.
  15. Skeletor

    What are you going to order ?

    4 Dr BD Shadow Black 2.7 Hard top Advance 4x4 Polished aluminum wheels Going after market on headliner, roof rack, and floor mats.
  16. Skeletor

    MIC Top looking ...

    Yeah, I think a lot of thr early hate was based on unfinished prototypes. Grey (gray) is a neutral color that can match to just about any color. I personally dig the gray (grey) on SB.
  17. Skeletor

    GVWR and general weight concerns

    I think it will be ok as long as people use common sense. I think the biggest issue is we have all this time to wait and over analyze the heck out of everything.
  18. Skeletor

    What should I target/expect for pricing?

    That kind of stuff matters too. Ina time when everything is automated and a lot of our local dealers are just blowing us off because they think this car will sell itself, they way you all have treated us has been amazing. It is definitely appreciated.
  19. Skeletor

    Cool roads from Stephen's auto center north towards pa

    Being from WV, I can tell you that there are a lot of awesome places to go visit. The best change depending on the time of year, but they are always awesome. I dont know the route they are planning to chart out, but if you are going through Morgantown, Cooper's Rock is a must.