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  1. IfIHMadeA2021Scout

    Dealership dummies depress me

    I walked onto a lot on Friday and it was a ghost town. One guy walks out and asked if he could help me. I told him he had a Velocity Blue F-250 on the lot that I wanted to look at. We talked about the F-250 I was driving than about the one I asked about buying. He said, "let me check", and...
  2. IfIHMadeA2021Scout

    Antimatter Blue vs Velocity Blue vs Lightning Blue on Ford trucks

    2020 Stone Gray is too gray for me. Not enough brown. 2021 Stone Gray looks more tan and lighter than the 2020 version. I like it on the computer screen. I have not found any to actually look at. I stopped by my nearest dealer yesterday because they had this (see picture). I like it...
  3. IfIHMadeA2021Scout

    Antimatter Blue vs Velocity Blue vs Lightning Blue on Ford trucks

    Go back!!! That is exactly what I'm looking at getting. A Velocity Blue F-250 Lariat Ultimate Tremor. It just looks perfect. I just not have seen any 2021 gas Tremor's around yet. In So Cal they all seem to be Power Strokes for the first ones.
  4. IfIHMadeA2021Scout

    Antimatter Blue vs Velocity Blue vs Lightning Blue on Ford trucks

    I always try to get a truck the "closest thing to the color of dirt" offered. So basically boring tan. I'm looking at Velocity Blue for an F-250 right now. I've never bought blue.
  5. IfIHMadeA2021Scout

    Anyone thinking of Spare Tire Delete??

    Why would you cut the tail off your horse? Docking a Bronco should be prohibited. Its supposed to be wild.
  6. IfIHMadeA2021Scout

    Badlands Vinyl vs Leather

    Looks like the material the seat cushions in my church had in the early 70's. What's old is new again! Requiring carpet in Badlands killed the leather option for me. The leather with rubber flooring and carpeted mats in my SportTrac is awesome and lasted a long time. I wanted that again. If...
  7. IfIHMadeA2021Scout

    2.7 adding resale value?

    I'm not sure what "bear that out" means here. I do know when I was negotiating with the insurance company (yes it was a negotiation and not a take it leave it offer) in 2019 for my totaled 2012 Jeep JKU Rubicon the price went up because it was a manual. The Rubicon engine was the same for both...
  8. IfIHMadeA2021Scout

    Mock up of what I am thinking for my custom paint job.

    Flames please! In race red if you can.
  9. IfIHMadeA2021Scout

    Configuration: Aux Switches and Accessory Rail

    Just going to relabel them. Smoke Screen Oil Slick Machine Guns Rockets Night Vision Passenger Ejection
  10. IfIHMadeA2021Scout

    Build & Price update coming next year says Ford

    So basically 405 days from now and they're not lying. Great, confirm your order with the mess that's there now.
  11. IfIHMadeA2021Scout

    MIC Top looking ...

    It looks like it has good functionality and is easily removable. I have no problem with it except its not white. Broncos are supposed to have white tops.
  12. IfIHMadeA2021Scout

    News: Dual Tops Option Will Be Late Availability

    It did but it got eliminated due to GVWR limitations like the roof racks with a 2.7. Here's a picture of them testing it.
  13. IfIHMadeA2021Scout

    News: Dual Tops Option Will Be Late Availability

    Yes I can. I like dreaming and being disappointed. That is why I reserved a Bronco on July 13 and believed everything Ford showed in the reveal.
  14. IfIHMadeA2021Scout

    Consumer Reports 2020 Reliability Ratings - New Ford Vehicles Perform Poorly

    If your reservation date stamp is within the first 5 hours of reservations on July 13-14, Please cancel. I would not want you moving forward without confidence.
  15. IfIHMadeA2021Scout

    Race Red Outer Banks Sasquatch | Navy Pier Interior Seats

    Personally, I don't get all the hate this interior received. I would take it all day long over boring and unimaginative all black or, excuse me, black onyx.
  16. IfIHMadeA2021Scout

    Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 2-Door SEMA Concept – First Live Pics! [Updated With Specs / Mods List]

    I like the shape of the door opening and wheel wells. I wonder where I've seen those before? What's old is new again.
  17. IfIHMadeA2021Scout

    Pics: Bronco Slide-Out Tailgate and Sunrider Top

    What would be so hard about putting this color scheme in the Badlands? Tan is the color of dirt. The Badlands belongs in the dirt. Tan belongs in the Badlands.
  18. IfIHMadeA2021Scout

    Canceled Bronco Reservation do to 3500lbs Max Towing

    Put it on the new Jeep you're going to buy instead.