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  1. drive21bronco

    Why go 2-door unless you have to?

    I love the Flex Comparison, so the 2DR is a 2DR Flex?
  2. drive21bronco

    CACTUS GRAY THREAD!!!! if you’re choosing cactus gray lemme know. I think it’s the best color available at the moment.

    Catus Gray has never been a choice on my list but out of nowhere I have been looking at photos like mad with Broncos in CG...
  3. drive21bronco

    Bronco Hard Top How-to Video: Remove Roof Rack, Panels and Hardtop

    Not sure if some one addressed this in this thread but I am assuming this Bronco has the optional sound detening ? Is that what we see under the panels?
  4. drive21bronco

    Spotted: White Bronco Outer Banks next to a Wrangler 4xe Hybrid

    I thought the 4dr was similar size as the JL , it looks big in this photo! Not saying that’s a bad thing. Is it just the camera angle?
  5. drive21bronco

    Black Diamond 4-Door Bronco in Area 51 + Soft Top Spotted in Allen Park

    mid love to see the A51 with the steel wheels.. also the AMB. I know I a lot to ask.
  6. drive21bronco

    Antimatter Blue vs Velocity Blue vs Lightning Blue on Ford trucks

    Maybe you'll get a sunny day there and can go back 😬
  7. drive21bronco

    Antimatter Blue vs Velocity Blue vs Lightning Blue on Ford trucks

    like others AMB is back in the picture after seeing these.. I’m down to VB and AMB. I have seen VB in person and it really is an amazing color. Would love to see AMB at a dealer in person before choosing my final color
  8. drive21bronco

    Getrag 7 speed manual built in China

    i avoid Chines made anything, mostly tools (and I really pay for it) but most of things we have in life unfortunately are made in China. The Bronco will be built in the USA and that’s just fine with me. I’m sure as hell not going to get an auto because of it tho. Driving is just to dam boring to...
  9. drive21bronco

    Let’s Be Thankful for Ford and the Bronco

    This may sound cheesy, but what better day then today to say Thanks to Ford for bringing back the Bronco. I got my first (and only Bronco) in 2003 for my first car. I still have it 1989. Was a great first car to have in high school. When they unveiled the Bronco concept in 2004 I could not wait...
  10. drive21bronco

    Anyone thinking of Spare Tire Delete??

    I thought that may be the reason why.
  11. drive21bronco

    Dealer told me low number of reservations...

    Everyone is obsessed with going to giant dealers, yea they get bigger allocation but if they have 1,000 reservations do you really think you will get it sooner? A small dealer like that may have less allocation but they defiantly will be allocated the 4 reservations they have. I would stay...
  12. drive21bronco

    Black Diamond Bronco (Shadow Black) Side Shot and Interior

    I Don't know what it is about the BD photos but its pulling me towards the dark side (4Dr) ....
  13. drive21bronco

    Video convinced me on MIC Top (Velocity Blue)

    Sorry to all the Original Velocity Blue Choosers but I think Im going with it as well. .
  14. drive21bronco

    Anyone thinking of Spare Tire Delete??

    Would be cool if some one made a tailgate conversion like they did(do) on the TJ with a CJ Tailgate. Maybe a flip down tailgate that has the Ford letting like the early bronco. Otherwise im not a big fan of the spare removed with just a license plate hold to cover the bolt holes and the vents...
  15. drive21bronco

    New Photos: Area 51 Badlands in the Snow!

    Yea I just cannot commit to A51, To shape shifting for me.. at lease in these photos. Velocity blue looks really great on the Super Duty Tremor. Was going to go Antimatter Blue but it is just too dark. Also I really want the base model . . I think I may just go to VB...
  16. drive21bronco

    Here’s Antimatter Blue on a Bronco Big Bend 2-Door with MIC top

    Sorry I ment to say, is there a photo of the seats.
  17. drive21bronco

    Here’s Antimatter Blue on a Bronco Big Bend 2-Door with MIC top

    Has the Big Bend Interior been posted anywhere on here yet?
  18. drive21bronco

    Poll:trim change i.e.:base to badlands

    I feel the same way, they did a great job with the Bronco, no doubt about it, looks like a true off road we paying homage to the original. But then they have these hipsters right out of Williamsburg showing off the features of these things. One video one of the representatives said something ing...
  19. drive21bronco

    What's Up With The Hard Top Sound Deadening Headliner Option?

    I feel like a lot of people don’t understand what they are buying here. I’m sorry for those people, it’s not going to ride like an Explorer or a Hylander. It’s ment to be rugged. I think it will ride much better the a wrangler but still going to have a truck feel and sound to it.
  20. drive21bronco

    Spotted: 4-Door Carbonized Gray Badlands on 33's

    i have the exact struggle. One day I have settled on A51 the next CarbG