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  1. ClaviusBase

    Dealer emailed confirming 12/7

    I really hope the link thing is real. I trust me a lot more than my dealer.
  2. ClaviusBase

    Bronco order date / bank now opening January? Per dealer

    judging by your zip code and your experience, I assume you are at DCH. I did the same today. It's nice they are prepping but it's all meaningless until they can actually place it. I also don't have the greatest confidence in the guys working there.
  3. ClaviusBase

    Bronco Ordering looking like it may be delayed until the first of the year

    My dealer called me today to come in and get my order ready with them, so as soon as it goes live they can input it. So, it seems they are still operating under the assumption of next week. We shall see what happens.
  4. ClaviusBase

    Why go 2-door unless you have to?

    because it looks like a bronco. the other doesn't.
  5. ClaviusBase

    Cyber Orange Badlands with White Top (Render)

    that's a horrible rendering, which is why it is so jarring. It would look much better if it were accurate. It's golden hour in those photos...the top wouldn't look like someone painted white-out on your screen.
  6. ClaviusBase

    2021 Ford Bronco Badlands (4-door) vs Geländewagen (G-Wagon)

    If you can afford the g-wagon, do it. I was looking at used ones recently, but they are still out of my price range, so I’m sticking with the bronco.
  7. ClaviusBase

    Bronco Trim Model Badge / Logo / Emblem Sticker Part Numbers

    Are you going to put holes in your bronco or have you found an adhesive version?
  8. ClaviusBase

    Wildtrak makes no sense at all.

    Wild track would be perfect if it weren’t for the shitty interior. I planned on getting one until the reveal. Everything else about it is awesome.
  9. ClaviusBase

    Everything Badlands: For Positive and VERY Excited future BL Owners!! Plan & Wait...

    Even though you can add them to the KO2s, the wording implies you can not get the upgraded wheels with the stock tires. So I’m going with the upgraded wheels and Tires and will possibly put the KO2s on them when they wear out.
  10. ClaviusBase

    Everything Badlands: For Positive and VERY Excited future BL Owners!! Plan & Wait...

    Optional 33s look better on the 2 door in my opinion. The 35s are a little stuffy looking on it. The leaner look with some extra space in the wheel well adds more to the retro look I think.
  11. ClaviusBase

    Bronco Sport just arrived in Area 51

    My dealer has 4 on their website but with stock photos. That usually means they will be on the lot in a week or so.
  12. ClaviusBase

    Badlands Vinyl vs Leather

    no 2-dr models have power seats, apparently to make it easier to get in the back but that’s a dumb reason since most sports cars have at least a powered drivers seat. but nowhere on the build and price does it say anything about carpet for badlands, so all we can base things off of is the...
  13. ClaviusBase

    Badlands Vinyl vs Leather

    This is my one remaining question. There has been no clear answer anywhere. I would really like carpet with the leather regardless if there are power seats or not.
  14. ClaviusBase

    "Wait for black mod hard top" Crew 💪

    I'm getting my Bronco as soon as I can and will just buy the Shadow Black top as a part when it is available.
  15. ClaviusBase

    Spotted: 4-Door Carbonized Gray Badlands on 33's

    it's not really the pictures. If you walk around the vehicle, it will do the same thing just depending on where the light is hitting it. It's really nice in person.
  16. ClaviusBase

    Spotted: 4-Door Carbonized Gray Badlands on 33's

    I love everyone saying they want to be different so they want A51. In an effort to separate from neutrality, you are all going to stand being the same in your silly blueberry milkshake broncos.
  17. ClaviusBase

    Spotted: 4-Door Carbonized Gray Badlands on 33's

    I look at these photos and think: Carbonized Gray is awesome optional 33's are awesome but also 4-door is kind of ugly and just kind of looks like a stretched out 2-door, rather than a thoughtfully designed 4-door version. soft top is really ugly
  18. ClaviusBase

    Followed 2 Broncos and got to see Marine Grade Vinyl (MGV) Interior

    Its interesting how the the 33s make it look a little taller because of the space in the wheel well. I know that’s clearly an illusion because the Sasquatch is taller but the bigger tires make it look stuffed and sort of squatty.
  19. ClaviusBase

    Followed 2 Broncos and got to see Marine Grade Vinyl (MGV) Interior

    The more I see of the optional 33s, I think I like them better than the 35s. It's a happy medium. That is the last detail I need to figure out on my badlands build but am leaving more toward those with every picture i see.