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  1. American Sender

    Completed Badlands 4-Door Bronco in Race Red

    I missed that the optional wheel was bead lock capable also. That’s good to know. I guess other than the design and slight width difference I guess the difference between those and the Sasquatch wheel is that the Sasquatch are forged. Or am I wrong and is the other optional wheel forged as well?
  2. American Sender

    Can the real “Velocity Blue” please show yourself before December 7th??

    There’s a 2 and 4 door waiting to be built.
  3. American Sender

    Badlands Squatch Debate

    Not disputing the Sasquatch 315 tire size upgrade since I am deciding between sas/non-sas myself. But for $695 is the Goodyear Territory 285 really an upgrade over the BFG KO2 285? I have the KO2’s right now and they are great in snow, treadwear, etc. (30,000 miles +). They have become a...
  4. American Sender

    Race Red Outer Banks Sasquatch | Navy Pier Interior Seats

    Thanks for sharing. As someone else mentioned it looks like the interior has a roast dash and navy seats. Is that correct? Any chance that you think a velocity blue anything would be coming through soon? I’m beginning to think that I’m gonna be able to keep my six dollars and my left nut...
  5. American Sender

    Tour of the Bronco Outer Banks Fishing Guide Concept

    I like these interior colors but the bronze does not look right with the saddle. I wish it was one or the other and that the dash matched seat color or vice versa. The black and the blue look good with either color but not the four all together.
  6. American Sender

    What's the Capable bumper?

    So if the capable is more capable than the modular, then how capable is the modular, and is the capable also modular?
  7. American Sender

    Color options I am stuck and having a hard time deciding!

    Get what you like. There will be so many on the road in about 3 to 4 years that it won’t really matter. You’re always going to see somebody else driving one that is the same color.
  8. American Sender

    Velocity Blue Metallic thread

    Thanks. This is what all of VB fans have right now. Wish they would give us pre-production VB to drool over!
  9. American Sender

    Velocity Blue - Still Late Availability?

    They don’t seem to have any light color options in general but this is where I’m going.
  10. American Sender

    Carbonized Gray 2-Door Badlands

    Saw carbonized gray today for the first time in person. It does look a little bit warmer than most charcoal gray.I do see specs of what looks like bronze/tan and even light blue specs in it.
  11. American Sender

    Velocity Blue Metallic thread

    Some real velocity blue to hold us over until they build it.
  12. American Sender

    Bronco Interior Accent Colors

    Don’t get me wrong, I like most of the interior choices. I just think the only thing that they may be could do differently is offer them across different trims so that everybody can get what they want.
  13. American Sender

    Bronco Interior Accent Colors

    Just me but perhaps having all the interior color and cloth, vinyl or leather options across all the trims or maybe the top four trim levels would be the solution. Someone can order black leather with gray trim pieces on their red wildtrack or roast leather with orange trim pieces on their...
  14. American Sender

    Serramonte Ford Bronco Specialist to Answer Your Bronco and Ford Questions

    Hi Sean, Just changed my reservation over to Serramonte Ford. I sent you an email with the information. Thanks again for all your help and discussions over the last several days.
  15. American Sender

    Black Diamond has the best interior. Prove me wrong.

    And call me colorblind but the roasted leather color looks good with the blue stuff. I might go as far as saying that I think it would look good with a velocity blue exterior. I may be completely off my rocker on that but.....:..