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  1. CascadianCorvid

    Black Diamond Bronco (Shadow Black) Side Shot and Interior

    Man, that top looks bad. (I say this, desperately wanting the MIC top to look good with black, because that's my order combo. It's going to feel bad buying a 50k rig, with a janky plastic top that looks sun faded.)
  2. CascadianCorvid

    Portland Area Dealer Discussions

    Just got a reply from Damerow. The offer for $1000 below invoice has "expired." So, I guess I'll stick with my current dealer.
  3. CascadianCorvid

    Carbonized Gray 2-Door Badlands

    The non-squatch tire size looks really good on the 2 door. The 4 door is a bigger rig, and really shines with the 35s. I like that color a lot. Hard to decide between CG and black.
  4. CascadianCorvid

    This is baffling, Ford

    This makes no sense. A Wildtrak can get the Hard Top Sound Deadening Headliner, but I can't put it on my Badlands Sasquatch with the 2.7. You cannot get the Hard Top Sound Deadening Headliner in either model with drain plug floors.
  5. CascadianCorvid

    Your Build: Pre and Post B&P

    Doors and Trim: 4 Door Badlands Color: Carbonized Grey Engine and Transmission: 2.7 Auto Roof: Shadow Black Modular Sasquatch: Yes! Packages: High (Unless I can get the sound deadening on it's own) Interior: MGV in black Options: Towing is mandatory DIO: Roof rails, winch.
  6. CascadianCorvid

    PNW buyers

    I assume this price is incompatible with X-plan. Which would be more advantageous?
  7. CascadianCorvid

    Sound deadening

    I know this vehicle will never be silent, so spare me the elitist lecture, etc. I will be driving on the highway to get to the cool trails, and I'd like to be able to have a conversation with the people in the back seat. That's not too much to ask. (clearly this is referencing a hard top. I plan...
  8. CascadianCorvid

    Thinking of Switching to lower level Trim

    I am in a similar boat. The only thing that the Badlands can get that the BD cannot, that I actually want, is the sound deadening in the High package. If I can get sound deadening on it's own, or after market, I'll probably with with a Blacksquatch + Mid, and be fine with it.
  9. CascadianCorvid

    Production Wildtrak and Badlands Broncos Will Share Grille But In Different Finishes

    Now I need to find a Wildtrak owner to trade me grills...
  10. CascadianCorvid

    desert sand and military green petition

    I wish there was a military green option. I'd choose that in a second.
  11. CascadianCorvid

    Bronco Tattoos?

    Once I get my bronco I might get one, or maybe something sasquatch related.
  12. CascadianCorvid

    Ford, if you're really listening make the marine package available in every trim

    I'd probably go to Wildtrak with vinyl and drains, rather than an upgraded Badlands.
  13. CascadianCorvid

    Giveaway Round 2: Bronco6G Pineapple Pizza Stickers!

    Something like this, maybe with the shadow black top. (Also, are you guys selling stickers somewhere?)
  14. CascadianCorvid

    Dumbest reason you’re choosing a Bronco, particular trim, or option??

    Badlands so I can get vinyl seats, drain plug floors, and a the High package for sound deadening. Only a FE and a Badlands can do this. (If they sell the sound deadening stuff on it's own, I might add it to a black diamond squatch, but not likely)
  15. CascadianCorvid

    Bronco Raptor / Warthog Prototype Spied Testing in Michigan!

    Cancel your reservation, and wait a year. Definitely do that... Honestly, my Badlands build is almost 60k. Given what Raptors price out at, I don't see a Warthog being less than 80k anyway. I don't think I want to move up the price range that far. I'll be very happy with my rig, and I'll buy...
  16. CascadianCorvid

    Best guess on the 165k reservations turning into orders

    I am guessing 60k actual orders. The lag time will cause a lot of bleed. I was looking at Gladiators and Defenders, mostly out of morbid curiosity. I think lots of people will decide to pull the trigger, rather than wait.
  17. CascadianCorvid

    Is "marine grade" vinyl interior any different from vinyl of the past?

    I've definitely been looking into cooling seat covers. Those look awesome.
  18. CascadianCorvid

    Is "marine grade" vinyl interior any different from vinyl of the past?

    I'm getting vinyl, then putting seat covers on for my daily driving. I'll take them off when I go get dirty.
  19. CascadianCorvid

    Who wore it better? Cactus Gray vs. Lunar Rock

    If I could get the Army Green they have had on some of their models, I'd be really stoked. I also like Cement Gray a lot. I don't really love any of the Bronco colors, so I'm going with the closest to Cement that I can get; Carbonized Gray. I'm going to price an OD green wrap though.