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  1. Is the towing capacity really that bad?

    I rented an 8x20 ft enclosed trailer recently. It weighed just a touch over 3,000 lb empty. I towed it empty, on a windy day with my 1500. It was fine, but I certainly felt it. Later on, my dad towed it loaded, and unloaded with his 2500. As expected, you felt much less (little to none)...
  2. Another Bronco RC (w/ white top)

    Very nice build, and enjoyable running video.
  3. Caught this 4 door Outer Banks in Whitby Ontario tonight!

    That's unexpected! I wonder where it was headed to.
  4. Electric HUMMER EV vs. Bronco

    It's interesting. It appears more capable than I would have guessed. I'm just not sure who will buy one though. Who is the target customer / demographic for this product?
  5. Bushwacker Fender delete kit

    They likely will, but it might take a while. I was somewhat surprised how slow some of the major truck cap manufacturers were to get going on caps for the Gladiator for example.
  6. how'd they do this ?

    Sticky Treps FTW. Basically, the "mud" is wet sand. I'm assuming those are not DOT certified on-road tires, but rather an off road only tire with very sticky tread. Also, the rock in Sand Hollow is very grippy / abrasive. A similar obstacle, with a clay mud at the bottom, and less abrasive...
  7. GM says the Silverado/GMC are now outselling the F150!

    Non-brand loyal buyers often go where the deals are, and the deals vary based on how close to the beginning / end of a model cycle each truck is. Back in 2019, there was an awkward moment where most of the previous generation GM trucks were sold, and there were no strong discounts on the new...
  8. GM says the Silverado/GMC are now outselling the F150!

    I've been very happy with my 2018 Sierra, after 50,000km. I bought the GM over the competition, because the value was unbeatable. The Base trim with the Elevation package gave me all the features I needed, packaged in a decent looking appearance. It's relevant that I was eligible for GM...
  9. BILSTEIN ESCV Bronco suspension / shocks explained - "End Stop Control Valve" Dampers (Bronco HOSS Suspension w/ Position Sensitive Dampers)

    Some YouTubers recently toured around Bilstein's facility to give you a bit of an idea what modern manufacturing and quality assurance looks like.
  10. Could I tow this?

    I'm not sure yet if that is true. Hitch? Oil cooler? Radiator / fan / air flow? Transmission cooler? Brakes? There may be a few more differences than the rear springs. I get it, if you start thinking logically, it seems like the Bronco should be able to tow more than 3,500 lb. At very...
  11. 6th Gen Bronco to Succeed where the Hummer h3 Failed.

    Honestly, I think I'd rather have that, than a 2020 Gladiator with 48,600 miles.
  12. 6th Gen Bronco to Succeed where the Hummer h3 Failed.

    Lots of good points have been brought up in this thread. My answer would be as follows: 1. Timing & Economics. The well equipped models were not cheap. Even 10 years old, the most well equipped H3 and H3T models with lockers and/or V8s were still very expensive. GM was trying to sell these...
  13. Could I tow this?

    The biggest trailer UHaul rents is a 12ft long x 6ft wide x ~6ft tall with dual axles. That will give you a very different set of dynamics, especially in windy conditions, when compared to an RV with much larger surface area, especially in windy conditions. Even though it's been mentioned...
  14. Confirmed: Manual + Sasquatch Bronco, October Build & Price!

    Wow, 300 buyers are going to be SO happy. lol Anyway, it's cool to know that "Ford is listening" and is willing to take action in response to what customers are asking for.
  15. 4x4 Class 101 (Saving Broncos from Permanent Mall Crawler Duty)

    Matt from Matt’s Off Road Recovery, who has probably done more off road recoveries than everyone in this thread combined, has shared some thoughts on that statement. Basically, he feels it can be used in some situations if soft kinetic recovery ropes are used, along with some other qualifiers /...
  16. 4x4 Class 101 (Saving Broncos from Permanent Mall Crawler Duty)

    It's not typical for a simple thread in a discussion forum like this to turn into a comprehensive guide for introducing somebody to off roading. I think the best thing we can do here, is point towards resources (online or other) that provide a more comprehensive library of information on the...
  17. I"m out...nawt

    11. Bronco is not coming soon enough. I want a new vehicle now. Solution: Buy Wrangler?
  18. 4x4 Class 101 (Saving Broncos from Permanent Mall Crawler Duty)

    I would argue frequently airing up 35" tires is not representative of "most drivers." I went for the Viair 300P for a little more power than the 77P. It still fits under the seat of my Sierra. I also use it to blow the water out of the lines on my RV when I winterize it.
  19. 4x4 Class 101 (Saving Broncos from Permanent Mall Crawler Duty)

    I'm not a free, or paid member, and have no affiliation, but E3 Off Road sounds like a decent resource for learning about off roading, for those who don't have any previous experience. If you have already had a fair bit of exposure to off roading, you won't be asking questions like "when...
  20. Color Locking Based on Trim

    As a consumer, sure I hate it, but it does make some sense. I believe it is largely about making the more expensive vehicles more desireable.