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  1. HoosierDaddy

    Wheel offset confirmed for optional Badlands wheel (+55 offset)

    My beef is, on the four aftermarket sets I have bought over the years, only one has run out true was the cheapest crappy set Tirerack sold. All the others were name brand. They all would feel out of balance at highway speeds (70 or 80 MPH) Had a discussion with Tirerack manager, he said to...
  2. HoosierDaddy

    Bronco SPORT deliveries have begun!

    That's why if you are going to wrap a car, get a black one. Those details will work out much better.... or so I have read.
  3. HoosierDaddy

    Sasquatch Practical Use Question

    I always tell people, you'd be amazed at how far my 69 Bronco on 33's and open diffs would take you. If I weren't such a tight ass, I'd do Big Bend or Black Diamond on 33's , rear locker..... but for less money I can get a Base Squatch.... easy decision for me.
  4. HoosierDaddy

    MGV used for Bronco vs generic MGV

    All things come in different grades. The seats in my old man's Ranger bass boat have a VERY nice feel to them and are VERY durable. The rear bench which also doubles as a step was recovered after 20 years of being stepped on. Honestly, I couldn't see any defects, but Dad "knew" they were there.
  5. HoosierDaddy

    When are MORE Items being Added to B&P that we can Order with our Bronco's ? ? ? ?

    I thought they said a "January update" is in the works. Of course "in" or "by" January means March.
  6. HoosierDaddy

    Big Bend Redemption?

    Oh boy, you're preaching to this choir!!! Thats all this boy has been asking for since b&p came out.
  7. HoosierDaddy

    Which Trims get LED Taillights?

    I've love how many people trust the FORD CGI pictures in the B&P. Christ, even the actual pictures required them to add disclaimers because "custom". Lol
  8. HoosierDaddy

    Upcoming Auto Shows

    Ugh, outdoors in Chicago in Jan/Feb could be a sucky proposition. If not delayed, order time is coming fast, looks like I'll be ordering blind.
  9. HoosierDaddy

    Do we know Signature LED headlights can be retrofitted to BD after sales?

    As I recall from other discussions, on other current models, the swap is basically considered impossible due to all the comlexities involved between the two systems. Even the Body Control Module (BCM) gets involved in simply turning on a pair headlights, but it is approached in two different...
  10. HoosierDaddy

    MT vs AT tires for daily driving?

    AT over a true MT (Mud Terrain) for daily driving....every time. The MT's will eventually get loud and will not do as well in inclimate weather while ON ROAD than the AT's. The tread of the new GY Terrains looks very promising , there's a decent amount of siping, which will help for icy/snowy...
  11. HoosierDaddy

    Last Call: Manual vs. Auto.. Why? (HELP!!)

    Performance offroader???? ;)
  12. HoosierDaddy

    Last Call: Manual vs. Auto.. Why? (HELP!!)

    Just read all 6 pages , best reasoning , in my opinion for you OP, is ...go manual now, while it is available ....if you change your mind in 2 or 3 years, you can bet the auto will still be around. If on the other hand you love the manual rig you bought ....keep it! I'm still really wrestling...
  13. HoosierDaddy

    Height of 4-door Badlands with 33" tires, MIC top?

    UGH, at only 1/2" clearance....aint no way I'd take the $50k gamble unless I could test fit it. I've seen tape measures with 1/4" variance between them. You'll have to air down every time!!!! LOL On 33"s you'll gain just over 3/4".... (34.4 - 32.7 = 1.7 / 2 = .85) So, .85 + .5 = 1.35" or...
  14. HoosierDaddy

    Height of 4-door Badlands with 33" tires, MIC top?

    Damn, why so short? Old house or something?
  15. HoosierDaddy

    Can the real “Velocity Blue” please show yourself before December 7th??

    LOL, as the saying goes, "you can't swing a deat cat around here" without hitting six blue F series. There is also a strong chance that I am completely ignoring every other color...but I still see a Blue similar to VB/LB/blue Flame etc everywhere I go....and then there is Blue Jeans also.
  16. HoosierDaddy

    Can the real “Velocity Blue” please show yourself before December 7th??

    VB is also on about 18 Bajillion Ford vehicles right now, with more coming every day....still love the color!
  17. HoosierDaddy

    33" tires fit on Outer Banks. Drawings showing fitments between the trims. Please look if you’re thinking aftermarket tires

    Damn dude, that's GOLD ....EVERYBODY caters to that tire size!!! (competition equals great pricing too!!) Highway, all terrain , Mud terrain ..... WINTER TIRES!!!! NOW the wheels of my mind are turning!!! lol
  18. HoosierDaddy

    Spotted: White Bronco Outer Banks next to a Wrangler 4xe Hybrid

    Sorry , but I have nothing but disgust for the body painted flares in any color I've seen so far ..... just looks weird. The closest to pulling it off is the reds.