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  1. Bronco II

    Consumer Reports 2020 Reliability Ratings - New Ford Vehicles Perform Poorly

    Consumer reports is a joke it pans everything but the imports. I wouldn't use CR for anything but to wipe my arse on that is if I were out of toilet paper.
  2. Bronco II

    2 Door Bronco Concept Appears in Jay Leno's Garage For SEMA360

    The Bronco looks bigger with someone next to it can't wait to get my hands on it.
  3. Bronco II

    Ford Sends New Survey: "Bronco Needs Your Help"

    I think they just want to see if what they have planned is what we all want. Notice no questions on what we might want like color (green) choice.
  4. Bronco II

    Bronco Warthog Spotted on Video

    The Bronco will never have a factory V8. Not going to happen.
  5. Bronco II

    Official: Bronco Build & Price Goes Live Tonight @ 12:01AM EST

    Everyone is going to try and use the Build and Price at the same time the site is going to MELT DOWN.
  6. Bronco II

    Bronco Warthog Spotted on Video

    4 door Warthog only ?
  7. Bronco II

    Is anybody considering switching from selling your current vehicle to keeping it?

    Gonna have to for a couple more years with all the reservations already on the Bronco it'll be at least 2022 before I can get one.
  8. Bronco II

    EcoBoost Badge

    No resound for it all of Bronco engines are ecoboost
  9. Bronco II

    Sasquatch package with 2.3L + manual transmission Bronco - testing underway!

    I said it before and I'll say it again Bronco is Bad Ass
  10. Bronco II

    Spotted: White 2021 Bronco with fender flares removed

    With black steeles it should be Black Diamond
  11. Bronco II

    Video: Why The New Bronco Works And The New Blazer Doesn't

    The Bronco is a off road monster and the Blazer is just a shrunken Traverse
  12. Bronco II

    What Color Do You Want to See the Bronco Offered In?

    The configutor Guard Green has way to much green in it. Guard Green is more of a gray with green in it.
  13. Bronco II

    What Color Do You Want to See the Bronco Offered In?

    Somebody at Ford doesn't like Green
  14. Bronco II

    What colors do you wish to see for the Bronco in the future?

    How about some olive drab green