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  1. Julz670

    Minnesota Dealer Recommendation?
  2. Julz670

    Minnesota Dealer Recommendation?

    @Granger Ford Well I'm happy to say I've made the move! Pricing was a big factor, but even more so is the transparency and customer relations at Granger. Thanks for all you do! Looking forward to switching trim and placing that order in a few weeks! Coming from the Twin Cities, that 4 hour ride...
  3. Julz670

    Demonstration video clips when?

    By january obviously includes up through the 31st, which rounds up to spring. So you'll see a demo video at the dealership when you get your Bronco.
  4. Julz670

    Ok, Who Are The MN Future Bronco Owners!?

    Agreed. Allocation/timing doesnt mean as much to me as price does, but i dont want to end up with MY22 just because Ford made some weird allocation formula. Although i would hope that a day 1 reservation couldnt get bumped that far back just because of dealership choice. Like you said, we and...
  5. Julz670

    Ok, Who Are The MN Future Bronco Owners!?

    Get that reservation in! At this point you're already looking at MY22. Lots can change between now and then, might as well get an earlier reservation before they announce a MY23 cut off date 🤣 or they stop taking reservations and you get boned with dealer markups buying off the lot! If you...
  6. Julz670

    Ok, Who Are The MN Future Bronco Owners!?

    Im in the twin cities area. Im 99.9% sure im switching to Granger but im giving the local dealers some time to figure pricing out before i switch. But honestly at this point i appreciate the transparency and customer service from Granger so much that it would take quite an amazing deal to keep...
  7. Julz670

    Ok, Who Are The MN Future Bronco Owners!?

    100% right about that overlanding rig, why couldnt it have been silver or some stupid color? Lol. I kind of like the carbonized gray and shadow black looks nice too but they are just kind of boring. Shadow black would look a whole lot better if there wasnt 50 shades of gray trim/roof to ruin the...
  8. Julz670

    Ok, Who Are The MN Future Bronco Owners!?

    I was thinking the same exact thing actually. Been high on A51 since i first saw it but lately I've been considering cactus because it seems like a ton of people are now choosing A51. I like cactus but not as much as A51 and cactus has been hard to figure out with all the different looking...
  9. Julz670

    Black Steel Wheels on Completed Bronco Black Diamond

    Thanks guys! Never realized the one from the video was a black diamond but looking closer i believe you're correct, and the A51 from the lineup i always thought was squatched but realize now its just the optional wheels. These pics make me feel a lot better. Yes, 33s and up look great but those...
  10. Julz670

    tons of new stuff from moab expo on bronco nation instagram

    Completely agree! I've asked them that specific question for BD and BB manual twice now when they've done these insta story q&a and never see an answer posted to my question. I guess thats a no... 👎 Edit: I've also tweeted my question to the CEO and to mike separately with no responses
  11. Julz670

    Ok, Who Are The MN Future Bronco Owners!?

    I just wish a twin cities dealer would finally realize that Granger is a short drive for a big savings! We would gladly keep our business local if we could at least get a competitive price but being this close to Granger is going to take a much better deal than simply no markup over MSRP.
  12. Julz670

    Black Steel Wheels on Completed Bronco Black Diamond

    Where did this Black Diamond go? This is the only real picture we've seen of it that I can remember. Are there any other non-sasquatched BD pictures out there? Very curious about those General Grabbers and if they will look small on the Bronco being just under 32 they are the smallest tires...
  13. Julz670

    500k+ Bronco builds created on Build & Price so far. Here are the configuration stats.

    You think Ford can also see how many times i went straight from the Bronco B&P page to the Jeep or Toyota B&P? 🙃
  14. Julz670

    Top trims and features 190,000 reservation holders want according to Ford

    No mid package with the manual transmission is the biggest bummer for me. At the VERY LEAST give us some heated seats, it gets damn cold in Minnesota!!! I dont want to bump up to the Badlands just to heat my ass and row my boat!
  15. Julz670

    FILSON Bronco Wildland Fire Rig Concept Revealed!

    How you gonna do a walkaround on that rig and not mention that crazy divider behind the front seats?!
  16. Julz670

    Filson Bronco Teasers (UPDATED With Full Vehicle Preview!)

    In case we didnt know that a winch is an option. Seriously though, Ford, we get it. Find a new teaser picture for reveals.
  17. Julz670

    Build and Price Launching Tonight at 12:01

    Im so excited to watch the shit show that goes down on this thread at 12:02am.
  18. Julz670

    Is This A New Mystery (Green) Bronco at Super Celebration East? (Not the Overland Area 51)

    Just going to drop this here... Too early for the warthog concept to be unveiled?
  19. Julz670

    Ok, Who Are The MN Future Bronco Owners!?

    Im holding off a little longer to see if any MN dealers put together a decent plan now that Ford has confirmed that the allotments will be based on how many reservations they convert to sales, among other factors. If no big news comes from any MN dealers, I will definitely be switching mine to...