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  1. Bronco Build for Overlanding

    get Sasquatch. if you decide the 35’s are an issue, switch them to the 33’s when the 35’s wear out (or before of you want). then you still keep all the goodies of the Sasquatch package and have the more economical drive of the 33’s
  2. Pop out windows...possible vendor? I came across these when I was searching for the same answer. I hope that someone will make a similar thing for the bronco once they get their hands on them.
  3. California Check In

    Santa Monica 2 Door Black diamond Sasquatch package Color undecided
  4. Updated Color Poll - What color are you ready to order?

    Metallic flake has turned me away from almost all colors. I can’t believe even iconic silver has the flake. I have the flake on my black Subaru now and hate it
  5. Are we sure the MIC doesn’t have removable rear windows?

    You think it will be easy? oh man, I can't wait for the aftermarket then. Solid back window is really the only thing that has me bummed about the top
  6. Are we sure the MIC doesn’t have removable rear windows?

    Aftermarket options like this? I would kill for an option like this on 2 door MIC top.
  7. Anyone Delaying Their Order?

    I wouldn't mind the MIC top. My problem is you can't remove those side windows. I can't imagine forcing passengers in a 2 door to not have an open window on a long road trip.
  8. Post your build! Images and specs only

    Post your build and please nothing else. I think it would be great to see everyones builds without having to read through 1000 comments. (A guy can dream) Let's make this a build post only. No replies, no comments, no GIFs and no complaining. Just a thread that we can see what everyone is...
  9. I, for one, am excited about this accessory from the B&P-

    ok, lets see some that you actually plan to put on your bronco..
  10. I love you all.

    I’m in Santa Monica and going to have a blacksquatch? Diamondsquatch? Whatever we call that trim level. parking the squatch should be interesting for all of us in LA. We should try and get someone from every trim level together for a meet up
  11. Build and Price Launching Tonight at 12:01

    Probably a bronco nation guy trolling us because they are mad they can’t get new info first. They are not affiliated with Ford either right?
  12. Another 2 Door Bronco walkthrough with brand manager [Andy's All Access]

    anyone else notice him flip open the (plastic?) covering for the door electronics? I wonder how waterproof that is? Does jeep have a similar covering?
  13. Galpin Ford Los Angeles (No ADM, Xplan accepted, MSRP)

    This is great info. Thank you. Someone was hating on Galpin pretty hard in one of the CA forums. I've had my reservation there from the start and plan to keep it there.
  14. Red Broncos completed and line up outside MAP

    Bronco nation photographers are terrible. They Take 3 pictures. Full front , 3/4 front and cropped in on trail sights. Colors are over saturated and exposure is off. hate to rant but ..... come on
  15. Iconic Silver Paint Thread

    UGH. That grey top is looking pretty bad on the silver.
  16. Bronco Sasquatch Rear Rendered in Production And Other Colors

    Did a tan in cause it's what we deserve.
  17. Bronco Sasquatch Rear Rendered in Production And Other Colors

    You guys are wild. haha. It does take a bit of work and some colors are hard to swing. If I get a chance I'll try to get out some more