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  1. News: Dual Tops Option Will Be Late Availability

    Take a deeper breath and read again. It is causing me confusion with words that are different from the pictures. It says front section. Also why is it not labeled the same as the 4 door picture next to it. very poorly worded causing confusion.
  2. News: Dual Tops Option Will Be Late Availability

    I want more clear info on this also. I wonder why the change?
  3. Engine Block Heater

    Yes it is a frost plug heater. I do not have experience if it will work as good with a plastic oil pan. My experience with old farm tractors as a kid they would not easily turn over with the thick oil. When plugging them in a few hours and they spun right over with 6v systems.
  4. Engine Block Heater

    Living in MN my entire driving life, I have had one on almost every vehicle I have owned. They are not as important now as it was on the non computer controlled, carbureted vehicles I have owned in the past. The fuel injected engines start in the cold so much more reliable. With the newer cars...
  5. CO 2 door pics closeups

    *Desperate for photos and information before they spend $50k on a vehicle they’ve never been able to even see in person.* Bronco Nation: It appears to me that this lens will be so covered in road grime, salt, dust, mud and snow that it will be useless. It even appears to have a lip on the...
  6. Daily Driving a 2 Door?

    I was not questioning your bill. I was thinking about the number of bags that would fill the back of a 2 door. I did not mean to offend or step on your toes.
  7. Daily Driving a 2 Door?

    How much do you eat? If I need to haul lumber and big stuff from the hardware store I still have my Superduty. I don't want to daily drive that beast. It takes 25-30 miles in the winter for that 7.3 Powerstroke to warm up enough to hear the radio.
  8. Daily Driving a 2 Door?

    The 2 door jeeps haven't bounced down the road since they quit building the TJ back in 2006. 2 door all they way everyday. I passenger is enough for me. Dump the back seats (much superior design in a Jeep) and pay attention to what you bring. 4, 2 door jeeps in the past all daily drivers...
  9. Daily Driving a 2 Door?

    I will daily drive my 2 door just like I have daily driven the 3 Jeep Wrangler 2 doors previously owned. Pull out the back seats and use it.
  10. Bronco build & price is down [And It's Back]

    I can also choose advanced 4x4 after adding mid and it does not charge. So if you choose mid package first, then add advanced 4x4. it only charges for mid which is cheaper than the automatic alone. This has not changed since BnP was first launched, it was not corrected since either.
  11. Locking fuel door

    I am sorry for confusion. The point I was making is that you only get the proximity key if you purchase the mid package. Do not assume because it is push button start it is a proximity key that will lock unlock vehicle. I really don't care if my fuel door/cap locks.
  12. Locking fuel door

    Only if you buy the mid package. I think proximity key is the "intelligent access" in the mid package. I have never owned a vehicle with a locking gas cap/door. I have never lost any gas or been vandalized.
  13. Ok, Who Are The MN Future Bronco Owners!?

    2 Door Black Diamond. Replacing a 2016 Firecracker Red Jeep Wrangler; so reds are out. My wife has a white 2019 Forester and I have owned 2 Oxford White Ford's in past; so white is out. My 2000 F250 is Woodland Green Metallic Clearcoat. I still really like this color, but it is very dark...
  14. MIC same as Raptor?

    Ford has been doing this with these colors for many years. My 2000 F250 has been this way since i drove it off the lot 20 years ago. 1. open your eyes and look at fords going down the road. 2. Get over it. Accept it for what it is or move on. Maybe some you should be looking at the sport.
  15. Losing my mind! BB or BD

    BD is my choice. Best interior Best grill/headlights Best set of options for the $ That has been my opinion since I reserved and I am sticking with it
  16. I've gone another route... :(

    I loved my 05 TJ with the 6 speed inline 6. Good choice
  17. B&P Features That I Don't Understand

    Do you have the keyless push button start?
  18. B&P Features That I Don't Understand

    I loved the keypad feature in my 1996 Explored. I don't understand why you guys link it is a good idea to leave your fob locked in your New bronco. You do realize that having the fob close to the Bronco allows you to step on the brake and push the ignition button and drive away? Hide it all...
  19. Article claims Bronco MPG 21 City 26 HWY

    I drive a 2016 Wrangler k (2 door). The above numbers are exactly what I get for MPG. I have an Auto rolling on 32" BFG TKO 2 tires. 19.5 average combined city/highway. 22.5 Highway. Much worse in winter my 2-3 MPG less. Hopping not to go backwards from that with a BD 2door, probably auto.
  20. Morries Minnetonka Ford

    I did not "Drive Happy" when I purchased from Morries. The purchase was not an enjoyable experience for me. Others have had different experiences but, I took my purchases since then elsewhere.