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  1. SharpGT500

    Spotted: White Bronco Outer Banks next to a Wrangler 4xe Hybrid

    We have Jetts pizza in Kentucky as well. It's pretty good.
  2. SharpGT500

    Photos: WildTrak and First Edition with Graphics

    I like the tire sticking out from the fender as well. I bet it Sasquatch would look good with the regular badlands fender flares on them. It would be easy enough to do.
  3. SharpGT500

    Rapid Red - Official Thread

    It's just as durable as any other color. The paint is baked on after it leaves the paint booth and they've perfected it over many years of using that process. I'm not sure why people have made that comment.
  4. SharpGT500

    Followed 2 Broncos and got to see Marine Grade Vinyl (MGV) Interior

    I agree with you on how the MGV felt. I liked it alot. My concern is if I can get comfortable not having a power seat. I had a 2014 F150 once with no power seat and it was very uncomfortable. The seat bottom was always at the wrong angle
  5. SharpGT500

    Official Wallpapers and Video: Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 2-Door SEMA Concept

    Man that looks good. It's got me wanting a 2 door again because it won't be as easy to change the wheel arches on the rear of 4 door.
  6. SharpGT500

    Badlands wheel gap

    I hope everyone keeps in mind the overlander Badlands concept does not have the proper/final Badlands suspension on it. It's best not to decide any suspension decision based on this suspension.
  7. SharpGT500

    YOU CAN DO IT...without MID pkg

    Hopefully I can do better explaining this time. The aftermarket systems use their own independent wiring and switches. This makes it a simple weekend end project. Retrofits into the original switches offer unique challenges and is a lot more involved. First thing we need to figure out is if the...
  8. SharpGT500

    YOU CAN DO IT...without MID pkg

    Xodric, sorry if I offended you in some way. Not sure why you think I don't have the ability to do these things, because I do. I'm sure you have the ability as well. The fact that I do have the ability is why I posted the comment. The video you posted made it sound like he could just swap the...
  9. SharpGT500

    YOU CAN DO IT...without MID pkg

    The problem is it's never that simple with electrical stuff. For example, you can't just change to a heated steering wheel and it work. You have to get a new clock spring and a special wiring harness as well. Same for adding heat seats, ect. Rarely is it as easy as simple swap. Especially if you...
  10. SharpGT500

    Levine confirms 2021 Model Year reservations will be built BEFORE dealer stock

    Yes but you can only get them as MIC Carbonized Gray. It will be late availability for colors. :ROFLMAO::LOL::ROFLMAO:
  11. SharpGT500

    Closeup pics of dark gray MIC top - in sun vs shade

    No it's not. Ford is intentionally making it Carbonized Gray, not black like the flares.
  12. SharpGT500

    Closeup pics of dark gray MIC top - in sun vs shade

    I have seen it in person and feel it looks worse! People definitely need to see it for themselves and make up their own minds.
  13. SharpGT500

    Defending Fords decision for the CG MIC Hard top

    Bronco Nations picture is a great example of the difference I saw walking up.
  14. SharpGT500

    Defending Fords decision for the CG MIC Hard top

    Interesting, when I look at the picture after they post they don't look as bad as on my phone. It's still too much for me.
  15. SharpGT500

    Defending Fords decision for the CG MIC Hard top

    When I walked up to the vehicle, it stuck out like a sore thumb but I do agree that in some pictures it doesn't look too bad. It's just at times it's so far off that I don't know if I can live with it. I know were not taking about the grill but I thought I would share it as well.
  16. SharpGT500

    Defending Fords decision for the CG MIC Hard top

    I seen it in person and disagree. The picture you are showing has a lot of bright sun washing everything out. At other angles and lighting it looks a lot worse. I think the important thing to note about all of these discussions is you really need to see it in person and then decide for yourself.
  17. SharpGT500

    Help! I can’t decide what direction to go with my build.

    It's very easy to add a roof rake at home. Don't let that limit you to the 2.3 in Badlands if you rather have the 2.7. First decide if you want the disconnecting sway bar or not. If yes go badlands (obviously), if no go Wild Track. Then pick your engine and transmission choice. That's my 2 cents.
  18. SharpGT500

    How do you wait for “Late Availability”?

    Plus, if we order it with the soft top and painted hard top, Can they built it right away with soft top and ship the hard top to the dealer when it's ready.
  19. SharpGT500

    MIC Top color, Ford are you listening?

    I have seen the roof in person and it doesn't look good. Everyone who has seen it, doesn't say they like it. Some might, most don't. Maybe you should see the top in person before judge others. The MIC Carbonized Gray roof issue is because it doesn't match and looks out of place. It's not about...