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  1. Razorback

    Bronco OffRodeo - Can any model go?

    All regular Broncos make you eligible. You will use Ford's Broncos however and not the one you own...
  2. Razorback

    MGV used for Bronco vs generic MGV

    I hate Ford called it vinyl. It's nothing like vinyl people are familiar with.
  3. Razorback

    Can the Sasquatch wheels be used without the beadlock ring?

    Exactly. Some miss the "capable" part. I want to say it's $800 to actually make them beadlock.
  4. Razorback

    Antimatter Blue vs Velocity Blue vs Lightning Blue on Ford trucks

    Never a question for me. AMB is like a Batman color. Son and I never decided the argument on Batman v Superman. He was always team Batman so honoring him with the win and therefore AMB Bronco.
  5. Razorback

    Dogs in the Bronco

    My son's puppy will just step out...
  6. Razorback

    Question on painting b-pillar and support bars

    The B pillar would still be black correct? It would have to be painted or wrapped.
  7. Razorback

    SEMA Special Live Stream Bronco Q&A

    Looks like it's an adjustable lift from 4 Wheel Parts.
  8. Razorback

    Ford 2.7L EcoBoost Engine Overview

    Not sure of the reasons for the water cooled exhaust manifolds... but cooler air is better for the turbos as it's more dense.
  9. Razorback

    Question on painting b-pillar and support bars

    So I'm definitely getting the white modular top when available for the AMB 2 door. However, what is the likelihood that the B pillar could be painted white if I also have the roof/roll bars painted white? Just think the contrast would be more custom.
  10. Razorback

    Maybe it gets pushed back, maybe not, but I'm ready to order

    Whether I get to order next month or some point next year, It's Bronco or nothing. Our 21 year old was waiting so I figure we can too. Plus as you can see, we're not too far from a 4 Wheel Parts store so I'll probably be spending a lot of time there learning how in the heck to off-road. As we...
  11. Razorback

    White MIC - hard to keep clean in polluted areas

    White painted modular top would work though. Should be metal, correct?
  12. Razorback

    Followed 2 Broncos and got to see Marine Grade Vinyl (MGV) Interior

    Very nice. I've been trying to tell people it's not typical vinyl. Just so hard to explain.
  13. Razorback

    Here's the spec sheet on the SEMA custom Badlands

    For those interested in what parts and accessories were on the SEMA Badlands, here's the spec sheet (someone needs to make those doors!) ***Click on project info***
  14. Razorback

    Build & Price update coming next year says Ford

    This is for MY21 so the issues like rock sliders on the BL don't get fixed and no info on accessories until you sit down with dealer to place order. It's fine with me, dealer just better have some time available.
  15. Razorback

    Build & Price update coming next year says Ford

    True. Wish they would just publish a catalog to download and see what's avail prior to meeting the dealer. I probably won't go in until the last week before orders get sent to Ford just to see if there are any surprises.
  16. Razorback

    Build & Price update coming next year says Ford

    It was just announced on the SEMA Q&A that B&P will be updated next year...
  17. Razorback

    Why the Baja 1000 is so important to retail Bronco

    The Bronco R that is back in action uses the same 2.7l and frame as our Broncos that will be in our garages. But that's not all...per The As well as participating in the race for glory, Ford also says it's using the time in Mexico to tune up the "Baja Mode" for its Terrain Management...
  18. Razorback

    Antimatter Blue Bronco 2-Door Outer Banks Pics

    I think it's called Blue Jean
  19. Razorback

    Antimatter Blue Bronco 2-Door Outer Banks Pics

    Look at the blue on the A piller and the blackness in the back. This rig is going to be nice driving around.
  20. Razorback

    Antimatter Blue Bronco 2-Door Outer Banks Pics

    Shouldn't be much. Steps probably $1000 for the automatic (if they can be triggered by the door). Install should be a breeze. The SEMA show last night showed everything is bolt on. You would have to remove the rock sliders on the BL my guess however.