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  1. andi

    Antimatter Blue 2-Door Outerbanks Sasquatch

    Sasquatch Steel bumper Antimatter blue MIC Running boards PC: the one and only Mike Levine
  2. andi

    Shadow black wildtrak

    murdered out my favorite
  3. andi

    Poll: What color Bronco are you getting ?

    heard that dirty bronco has increase 15 HP
  4. andi

    Can the Sasquatch wheels be used without the beadlock ring?

    already a thread on this...
  5. andi

    Black diamond steel or alloy wheels?

    Lmao I’m trolling chillll haha
  6. andi

    Black diamond steel or alloy wheels?

    What I’m doing is not getting a black diamond, both wheels ugly
  7. andi

    Tank green RAM 1500

    Just u bud
  8. andi

    Remote start - how doesn’t it get stolen?

    You never had a remote start or wut?
  9. andi

    Base lays claim to Iconic Script Bronco Badge!!

    I’m confused, Had a seizure reading that title
  10. andi

    Anyone thinking of Spare Tire Delete??

    I’ve seen some keeps out there do it, some look badass, Anyone thinking of tire delete Maybe mounting the license plate like the pic below ??
  11. andi

    Best 45k build

    Base Sasquatch 4 door hard top, wat I’m getting at 41k!
  12. andi

    Reservation page unavailable

    Why is this me !!!!! Currently eyeing a willys Jeep or a zr2
  13. andi

    Black Diamond vs Wildtrak

    Don’t let others opinions on the wildtrak interior push you away from the wildtrak, stick to your gut, in terms of value, the wildtrak will hold its value more for being a higher trim, even with Sasquatch black diamond, up to you man. Personally I don’t like to talk trash about options and parts...
  14. andi

    Maximum Tire Size (Big Bend)

    Biggest would be the configuration of the black diamond they are 32 inch tires, 265/65/17 going 33 most likely will need a lift since it’s badlands size tires
  15. andi

    To Order or Not to Order, that is the question??

    FORD TAKE MY MONEY😭😭😭😭😭 Before I buy a Wrangler or a ZR2
  16. andi

    Spotted: 4-Door Carbonized Gray Badlands on 33's

    Go with ur heart, Ur heart wants optional rims and 33’s
  17. andi

    Bronco Warthog Engine Sound Captured in Sighting

    Heard a rumor that it’s the 2.0 from the bronq sport
  18. andi

    Not getting a Bronco for the dirt .

    I’m in the same boat, I will not be taking a 45k daily driver to the rocks F no!