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  1. fpGT350

    MIC Top color, Ford are you listening?

    MIC looks ok to me on A51, AMB, CG. Would much prefer body colored like was originally advertised. Honestly don't know what my decision will be.
  2. fpGT350

    Pic - Oxford White 2 Door Badlands Sasquatch

    Agreed. Looks like a black top, not what is being offered until late in the production run?
  3. fpGT350

    Arizona Only: Color Poll

    Love black, but not on this vehicle. Oxford white all day long baby :cool:
  4. fpGT350

    Outer Banks Bronco Build- Post your OBX Build

    Oxford white, MIC, sound deadening, roof rails w/crossbar, heavy duty modular front bumper, splash guards, paint protection, keyless entry, roast/black leather, aux. switches, floor liners, 2.7 V6, high package. $51,690 Don't know what actual build will look like with the carbonized gray MIC...
  5. fpGT350

    Defending Fords decision for the CG MIC Hard top

    This is the build that my wife and I want. We did at least 50 iterations to get here. We have absolutely no interest in using a soft top. We are not color blind and, we cannot imagine how crappy this will look with a gray top. What are we supposed to do, change all of our color preferences...
  6. fpGT350

    Garage Door on Aux Switches?

    Good thought. I believe you have to buy the Lux package to get the garage opener switch.
  7. fpGT350

    Power Seats?

    You may be right. Looks like B&P is screwed up because even the LUX package in OB shows manual seats. Can't be right.
  8. fpGT350

    Announcement: MIC Hardtop Option Only Initially. Black Painted Modular Hardtop Will Be Late Availability

    "Mr. Corleone is a man who insists on hearing bad news quickly" :cool:
  9. fpGT350

    The Holiday Bronco Sweater Is Here!

    Hideous like all other XMAS sweaters.
  10. fpGT350

    What two words describe the Bronco for you?

  11. fpGT350

    New Negotiation Strategy

    Negotiating the best price is the American way. I'm certain I am not living in an alternative universe and, in my experience as a new car buyer going all the way back to 1968, paying MSRP or anything close to it for a car is not a great deal. $500 over dealer invoice has worked for me dozens...
  12. fpGT350

    Rear vents for A/C Air Conditioning in 4 Door Bronco Are Located Under Front Seats

    Will they be effective in the hot desert summer? I'd like to hear the engineering rationale for placing cooling vents on the floor. As I recall, hot air rises and cold air sinks. It can't sink far when the vent is already on the floor. Hope the vents are large enough to fit my big toe. Back...
  13. fpGT350

    Dealer saying only 50% of reservations will be filled in 2021

    I was surprised to hear Ford officially proclaim that it could convert 75% of the 165,000 reservations into real sales orders. Between Covid, new Mach 1, and a brand new model Bronco, recession, they will clearly have plenty of distractions. Corvette just shut down production for a week...
  14. fpGT350

    More Oxford White 4D Preproduction Badlands

    Ain't nothin' bad lookin' bout that at all. Sweet, simple clean!
  15. fpGT350

    Doug DeMuro walkthrough tour of the new 2021 Bronco

    He covered details on the interior that I hadn't seen or heard before. Worth the watch for me.
  16. fpGT350

    Where are you from? What are you going to do with your Bronco?

    Live in Tucson. Most of the miles will be spent on I-10 between Tucson and Phoenix, Sedona, and Flagstaff. This will be my wife's daily driver, so lots of in-town bumper to bumper. The only off- roading will be when we visit a friend or family member with a gravel driveway - ugh, I hate...
  17. fpGT350

    Video: 6'3" guy climbs in and out of 2 door Bronco rear seats (+ full review)

    I hope you are right. Worried about the grandkids in the back seat during Arizona summers.
  18. fpGT350

    POLL: How would you feel if Ford moved up-front cash buyers to the front of the line?

    It's reasonable to assume that production efficiency and quality will increase over time. I am not in a rush to have one of the first produced, and I hope there are minimal first model year issues. Fingers crossed.