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  1. timhood

    What trim level have you decided on?

    Lux because I usually like lots of features, especially on a vehicle I plan to keep for a long time. Specifically, though, the B&O stereo, because once we first heard it on the Mustang, that was no longer an option :) , the heated steering wheel because winter, the USB ports up on the dash...
  2. timhood

    Is it safe to say the Bronco will be better than the Wrangler ON the road?

    Much in the same way if you asked me if your filet mignon will taste good, I can safely say yes, even though I have not personally tasted it. Experience in general. You'd have to really screw up an IFS to make it not better than SFA.
  3. timhood

    Top reasons jeep wrangler better than bronco

    How would we know? They weren't alive to tell anyone the death wobble happened. 😄
  4. timhood

    I think I found a good tire option compromise.

    I don't know enough about tires to know the similarities and differences between say the K02s and the Grabbers. The A/T tires on the Badlands (I think those are K02s) actually land in a good spot (for me) of being enough for off-road, with the M/Ts being more than I need and probably a bad...
  5. timhood

    Why Buy a 2021 ?

    Yeah, but different in the same way that people will talk themselves into paying for for an "early" serial number classic, or "this is 1 of only 37 in this combination". Ah, so the fact that 200,000 were made means it's not rare, but the fact that only 37 idiots ordered the pea-soup green color...
  6. timhood

    Why Buy a 2021 ?

    "I want it and I want it now" is probably the fundamental reason. Although, I can't understand the rationale of buying a '21 and selling it in a year or two--that's expensive. Once Broncos can be purchased off the lot, they aren't going to be in the same part of the supply-demand curve...
  7. timhood

    Sasquatch Practical Use Question

    Ford is selling a dream to Bronco buyers. They want us to fantasize about all of the crazy things we will do in our Broncos. That's what creates the desire. If they said, "You know what, you could take our Ford Escape and 99% of you could go anywhere you actually will use it with it right off...
  8. timhood

    Top reasons jeep wrangler better than bronco

    I see your trolling and offer one of my own: Jeep has more parts availability, because they've been the same forever, so every part ever made fits every vehicle ever made. 😄 The way I figure it, if the Jeep was so great for me, I would have bought one already. I don't know if the Bronco will...
  9. timhood

    I think I found a good tire option compromise.

    I'm glad you found tires that will work for you. You have to recognize your situation is unique. Ford can't stock and offer 20 different kinds of tires. They need to find the handful of options that will work for the most number of people. I'm of the thought that I'd be best off with two sets...
  10. timhood

    Connected vs. Connected Built-In Navigation

    This. I've been bitching about this for years. Auto makers have sensors in the seats to know if they are occupied. How hard is it to see that the passenger seat is occupied and let the passenger update the nav? :mad: The lawyers ruin everything. And they don't care because at $750/hr, they are...
  11. timhood

    Why go 4-door unless you have to?

    I hate to be the guy that brings coffee to the party, but you need to sober up. There's no way in hell your wife is going to let you take off doors with two small kids aboard. 😄 Also, there's no way she's going to want to sit around while you unbolt and store each door just because you got the...
  12. timhood

    Wildtrak makes no sense at all.

    People in New York. That is literally the description of 70% of the vehicles there.:LOL:
  13. timhood

    Submit Your Bronco Questions For This Week’s Off-Road Expo Appearance

    The way B&P is now, it looks like you can upgrade the wheels without going M/T tires, but if you get M/T tires, you need to get the upgraded wheels. That could make sense, but is definitely worth clarifying for those interested in the wheels but not the tires. I doubt the people there will be...
  14. timhood

    Wildtrak makes no sense at all.

    Not sure if you're building a 4-door, but I've been able to add the sound-deadening headliner to my 2-door build for as long as I've tried. Including when optioned with the 2.7 and a bunch of other things.
  15. timhood

    Why go 2-door unless you have to?

    Until you've tried it once and get woken up at 6 in the morning to the sun roasting you to a literal sweat. Did that...once. 😄
  16. timhood

    Why go with any doors at all?

    Sounds like the perfect vehicle for a UPS driver.
  17. timhood

    Wildtrak makes no sense at all.

    You don't get the additional sound deadening on either model until you option up to the High package, in which case either would be equal. The carpet in the Wildtrack may be ever-so-slightly quieter than the rubber in the Badlands, but rubber is a good sound isolator. I'm going with that plus...
  18. timhood

    Wildtrak makes no sense at all.

    I built a Badlands configuration and Wildtrack configuration to be equal and the prices are about equal as well. Wildtrack was a couple hundred more, I think. Graphics/appearance changes would account for that.
  19. timhood

    Pricing (total) appears to have disappeared from B&P

    I was messing with you. I figured you optioned a 4-door or something that added some $$. 😄
  20. timhood

    Why go 2-door unless you have to?

    I read this and feel like you literally have it backwards. This makes more sense to me: "If I had no kids, if I could get my own toy instead of having to share with my wife, there’s no way I’d get a 4-door. It’d be 2-door, all the way. I just think it looks tons cooler, it’s apparently more...