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  1. dck82

    How Far Are You Traveling to Get a Bronco???

    660 miles to Granger. Flying up, Broncoing back.
  2. dck82

    Non-Sasquatch Badlands: The case for 4.7 vs 4.46

    Following. This is pretty much the last decision I have to make on my Badlands.
  3. dck82

    2 Door Wrangler and OB Sasquatch

    Size comparison. Credit to Broncosofinsta on Instagram.
  4. dck82

    Anyone had second thoughts on getting Sasquatch package?

    Yup, My original plan was a BB or base with Sasquatch, now I’m 100% Badlands without but I will get the optional rims. More than enough for my needs. If I was getting a 4 door I would probably get it though just for looks.
  5. dck82

    Remote start - how doesn’t it get stolen?

    In my wife’s Toyota the key has to be pretty close too. She had it in her backpack in the backseat and it wouldn’t start.
  6. dck82

    Mississippi Bronco Owners!

    Hernando here. 2 door Badlands High 2.7. Still deciding between Area 51 and Carb Grey. Reserved at Granger.
  7. dck82

    Let's help each other get the best auto loan finance interest rates

    This was my thinking on my current truck. I financed for 72 but I’ll end up paying it off in just under 3 years. If my wife or I were to loose our job I would still be able to make the payment on one income. Hard to get another job if you don’t have a ride.
  8. dck82

    Auxiliary Switches - alternative location?

    I’d rather have the sunglasses holder. Edit: with the top off I’d want to lock them in the center console so I guess it doesn’t matter.
  9. dck82

    Spotted: Bronco Wildtrak & Outer Banks in Carbonized Gray, Rapid Red, Cyber Orange, Black

    Ugh, damn the Carbonized Grey is sexy. I was dead set set on Area 51 now I’m not sure. It looks stunning with the MIC. I don’t even mind the black in the B pillar.
  10. dck82

    Finally got a call back from my local dealer... I need a shower to clean off the slime.

    Yup I made the switch to Granger yesterday and I felt better instantly. I woke up this morning to an email from Albert. I don’t know when the poor guy sleeps.
  11. dck82

    Gray Top Theories

    Report! I’m in this post and I don’t like it. On topic: I’ll be waiting for the aftermarket or Ford to release a 2 door soft top and the hard top will take its place behind my shop.
  12. dck82

    X plan bye bye TN & N GA people

    I had a reservation at Landers Ford. Communication has been lacking from them, they confirmed their would be no ADM, I haven’t heard from them since. I called Homer Skelton Ford earlier this week to see if they could match any of the offers we’ve seen on here and got hung up on. About 25 min...
  13. dck82

    Great Southern Bronco Deal!

    Just got an email back from Rob, which is already more than my local dealer has done. I encourage anyone in the southeast to reach out.
  14. dck82

    Great Southern Bronco Deal!

    Email sent to Rob. Fingers crossed.
  15. dck82

    Great Southern Bronco Deal!

    I haven’t heard jack from my dealer except that there won’t be any ADM. I just emailed to see if the can match this offer. All they can do is say no and all I can do is take my business to Matt Bowers Ford.
  16. dck82

    Great Southern Bronco Deal!

    Looks like I may have a new dealer. I’m in Memphis so maybe a 5 hour drive. 6 min from the airport so if they won’t pick up I can Uber.
  17. dck82

    Big Bend Redemption?

    My only issue with the BB is the value doesn’t seem to be there. By the time I was done building a BB with Sasquatch, mid,LEDs 2.7AT I was within a few thousand of BL, high, 2.7AT no Sasquatch. I would happily drive one though if I was working with a strict budget.
  18. dck82

    2021 Bronco BUILD & PRICE Configurator Is Finally Live (For Real)!! Share your build inside.

    It’s actually a couple of thousand less than I thought it be. I’m happy.