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  1. Secret surprise Bronco coming from Ford?

    The surprise is a fully functioning B&P including accessories, but entirely in Spanish.
  2. Will Bronco have good visibility out the front?

    I’m with you. I rode in a new Taco Monday and way too much hood there.
  3. Who is going to use third-party financing?

    Credit union. 2.49%. Ford Motor Credit wont get my money.
  4. Outer Banks vs Big Bend

    Not unless you go with the Lux package.
  5. Ford: Mitigating the Impending Public Black Eye

    Yes it was a complaint. I swear some of you people need to STFU.
  6. Ford: Mitigating the Impending Public Black Eye

    Yes, please go to some other social media outlet and complain.
  7. Big Bend beats Black Diamond!

    Until Ford pulls some other bullshit I’m all about the BB. Mic top headliner roof rails LED lights AUX switches floor liners Mid 2.7 4.27 rear locking axel and differential towing tube doors $46,360 And that’s before the $1,000 under invoice deal. This is definitely not the rig I started...
  8. Wildtrak Race Red 4 Door Bronco w/ Soft Top Down & Keyless Entry Keypad

    Never heard of him and don't give a shit. It was just a joke.
  9. Wildtrak Race Red 4 Door Bronco w/ Soft Top Down & Keyless Entry Keypad

    "No Officer, I haven't been drinking. I'm the designated driver."
  10. New here, probably getting kicked out for first post, but I think the first buyers are making a mistake.

    Who cares? I’m a grown ass adult man. I can do what want. And I damn sure don’t live for money.
  11. Ford (Mike Levine) hints Build & Price going live October 23

    I feel your pain. I have tickets to game 5 of the World Series on the 25th so I’m pretty damn busy that weekend. We waited this long, a little longer won’t matter. Happy anniversary. Lots of guys can say they’ve been married 18 years, just not to the same woman. If my wife keeps me around...
  12. The Bronco Reservation Transfer Date Has Been Pushed Back To Jan. 31st, 2021

    Sadly, this can only mean one thing; the B and P tool will not be ready until December 15th.
  13. Switching Dealers Threshold

    Your punctuation is a little confusing. Did you say "they" informed you that Ford extended the deadline for switching? If so, who is "they"?
  14. You're Invited to Join the Texas Bronco Volume Buyer's Group [Groupbuy]

    This is certainly good news this morning. Thanks for the intervention on our part.
  15. Outer banks w/ sasquatch or wildtrak?

    Well since I’m definitely going hard top, 2.7 and A/T I’ve changed my mind and am leaning toward WT. There’s literally nothing to add That is important to me except Katzkin which I can do next year if I want to wait.