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  1. ronstar

    Badlands stock wheels growing on me

    I'm getting a BL with stock wheels. I think they look ok. Certainly won't pay $1000 for the Ford upgrade. I'll only upgrade if I find aftermarket wheels that I have to have.
  2. ronstar

    Email from Dealer orders opening next week

    Ford would be a lot better off if they stepped back and let us here at run the whole Bronco program. From design to marketing to building to sales.
  3. ronstar

    Bronco Ordering looking like it may be delayed until the first of the year

    Could very well be. Someone who works for a tire company posted here that they were shutting down a tire plant for a while Due to Covid. if Ford needs but can’t get a beginning inventory before opening the order banks, they have 2 options. 1 - wait until the supplier can get all of the parts to...
  4. ronstar

    Is anyone else debating between builds on the opposite end of the spectrum?

    I have the same problem. Although I’m going in for a white 2 dr Badlands 2.7 AT (because I’m married), I’d get a silver 2 dr base 2.3 MT if it were just for me.
  5. ronstar

    Bronco Ordering looking like it may be delayed until the first of the year

    i‘ve read that the ordering postponement is due to supplier/ supply chain issues due to Covid. I can see how supplier Covid issues can delay the start of assembly and delivery, but I can’t see how supplier issues affect ordering. Unless supplier issues are so significant that the issues may...
  6. ronstar

    How Far Are You Traveling to Get a Bronco???

    Traveling 311 miles to get it. Traveling farther on the way home.
  7. ronstar

    **What Did You Buy Today Thread**

    A trail cam and some tacos
  8. ronstar

    Dealership dummies depress me

    At first, I reserved at the local dealer where I bought my current F-150. My salesman has retired since I bought the truck. First email from the dealer after my Bronco res asked me to come in and finish the order - back in July. Had a few emails from them that made no sense. I've since...
  9. ronstar

    Modularity in the back seat

    Ford seems to be pushing their term "modularity" in their SEMA video. Fenders, flares, wheels - all modular. Why not add rear seats to the modularity? Take out the seats, add in a strongbox, etc. Seems to me that Ford can make the rear seats easily removable, and offer a host of accessories...
  10. ronstar

    Buying Decision- is this a dumb idea?

    Don't let practicality enter into the decision. Especially when comparing value based on level of practicality. Buy what you want.
  11. ronstar

    We need this retro inspired grill ASAP

    That would look good.
  12. ronstar

    We need this retro inspired grill ASAP

    That will be a sweet look. I'd like to do the same, but the wife wants a white Bronco. Not sure if the white wheels would look ok on a white Bronco.
  13. ronstar

    Anyone else get a Pre-Approval notice on their Bronco Reservation?

    I have 2 res's. Got $47k approval on my July res. Nothing on my October res. I used Ford credit on my 2009 and 2017 F-150's. Both times I paid the loan balance within a few months of purchase. I'm surprised that Ford wants to give me credit.
  14. ronstar

    Badlands Vinyl vs Leather

    I thought they were MGV, (and the floor has the drain plugs of the mgv seat interior) but I was told that they were leather at super cel east.
  15. ronstar

    Badlands Vinyl vs Leather

  16. ronstar

    Why Base is best

    I’m getting a BL (because of the wife), but I secretly want an iconic silver base, mt, 2.3 with no options.
  17. ronstar

    Serious question: Is this all we get?

    I stood next to 2 Broncos at Super Cel East. Nice looking rigs. Especially the black 2 door BL on 33’s. That was all I needed to get me to order.
  18. ronstar

    Who will be the first to post delivery pics?

    It won’t be me unless everyone who registered in the first 2 weeks cancel.
  19. ronstar

    Granger Ford - to our current reservation holders

    The emails could take a while. Sounds like the content of the email is unique for each reservation. If this operation can’t be automated, someone at Granger would have to email 1100 separate emails. If so, that could take some time.
  20. ronstar

    Granger Ford - to our current reservation holders

    Not worried about getting the email from Albert. These computer things take time to straighten out. If I don’t get an email by order time, I’ll call Albert and we can go from there.