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  1. Rivers90

    Dust Infiltration Test Video

    Looks like 5 broncos. 3 two door one 4 door and one unknown hidden by dust. The middle 3 door in the back is extra big and sits with what look like the rear higher then the front. You can just catch a glimpse of the 4 door going behind the dust cloud at the start like it is next in line to...
  2. Rivers90

    Bronco SPORT deliveries have begun!

    I'm looking forward to seeing the color options in person. I would rather have a base two-door bronco than any bronco sport. But I will be taking it off road and not everyone does that. A 2 door Badlands is my ideal bronco. About as far from the sport as you can get.
  3. Rivers90

    Wheel offset confirmed for optional Badlands wheel (+55 offset)

    This means a lot more people will be opting for the Sasquatch package. cost of 5 35" tires, cost of 5 new rims, mods to truck to make them fit = Sasquatch is still the cheapest way to get to 35's
  4. Rivers90

    Why go 2-door unless you have to?

    Last week I was on a trail that reviews say "don't take long wheel base vehicles on, this includes 4 door jeeps". Diablos Tail off of Arroyo Seco Del Diablo. It is a short trail that is a dead end, so you need to turn around and come out the way you go in. I don't want to limit the trails I can...
  5. Rivers90

    Submit Your Bronco Questions For This Week’s Off-Road Expo Appearance

    From the front corner looking under the bronco at what is right behind the front tires. Thank you!
  6. Rivers90

    Submit Your Bronco Questions For This Week’s Off-Road Expo Appearance

    some front suspension photos of a base would be great if you can. I am trying to see differences in the bash plates, control arms, tie-rods, and CV joints between Broncos.
  7. Rivers90

    Submit Your Bronco Questions For This Week’s Off-Road Expo Appearance

    IF they have a non Sasquatch big-bend or outer-banks Bronco can someone take some photos of the front suspension vs a Sasquatch? I would like to see control arms, tie-rods, CV joints, bash plates. for a comparison of Sasquatch vs non-Sasquatch.
  8. Rivers90

    235/85-16 on Base?

    They should be fine. The tire psi is set by the weight of the vehicale. You only need the max tire pressure for the max load. If you are at 50% of max load then use 50% of max pressure. Take the gross vehicle weight and divided by four. Each tire has 1/4 of the weight. We don't know what the...
  9. Rivers90

    So about this Utah Monolith...

    The monolith is within 2,000 ft of a trail that the bronco should be able to do. A jeep rubicon can do it. Then you walk less then half a mile to the monolith from the road. Lockhart Basin Road. Is 60 miles long and is listed as a medium difficulty trail. Not the first trail a beginner should...
  10. Rivers90

    Black Diamond, WilkTrak & Bronco Sport...Oh my!! 😃👍🏼

    The black bronco has 2 recovery points in the back. I thought the bronco was only going to have one in the back with 2 in the front. Are they testing a second recovery point or do some trims have 2 in the back?
  11. Rivers90

    Swap body parts easy

    It will take the aftermarket some time to get stuff out there. But I think the front bumper would be one upgrade I would want. Something with a hidden winch in it. If Ford does like jeep and keeps the bronco unchanged for a lot of years the aftermarket stuff will just keep growing every year.
  12. Rivers90

    California State Vehicular Recreation Areas and other OHV places Carnegie SVRA Clay Pit SVRA Onyx Ranch SVRA Heber Dunes SVRA Hollister Hills SVRA Hungry Valley SVRA Oceano Dunes SVRA Ocotillo Wells SVRA Prairie City SVRA California has 9 SVRAs I have been to two of them. Both were interesting to see and had a lot of...
  13. Rivers90

    Off-road Trails in So-Cal

    I want to check out Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in a few weeks. I have never been there but have seen some really interesting looking trails on youtube. I have done the John Bull trail in big bear and the Miller Jeep trail near hungry valley state vehicle recreation area. For John Bull I...
  14. Rivers90

    Bronco Wildtrak in Rapid Red at Arizona Hotel (Daytime Pics Added)

    Can we get some photos of the front suspension on a non Sasquatch? Like on the big bend or outer banks?
  15. Rivers90

    Daily Driving a 2 Door?

    I daily drive a Miata. The 2 door bronco is plenty big.
  16. Rivers90

    Is anyone debadging or rebadging their Bronco?

    That is a cool looking jeep. I like the roof rack and mirrors. Does the hi-lift catch on tree branches being on the side? Has that location worked well for you? I will want to attach a hi-lift somewhere . I have seen many options, hood, tail gate, front bumper and now this side mount for...
  17. Rivers90

    Bronco Warthog and Badlands Spotted Testing GOAT Modes and Trail Turn Assist (Pics + Videos)

    For base BB BD OB Sasquatch is a great deal. Going aftermarket would add up to more. If you are getting the BL then the cost is about the same and I could see going aftermarket. Sasquatch will probably bump up the resale value a lot more then a after market setup. It does for the Jeep wrangler...
  18. Rivers90

    Ford Co-Pilot 360 ranks 3rd best overall according to Consumer Reports This was one of the big scandals. Consumer reports wanted a vehicle to fail its roll over test but it passed the test so then Consumer reports changed the test just for that one vehicle to make it not pass...
  19. Rivers90

    35's vs 33's any big differences?

    There is for trucks with dual rear wheels. I can't tell you the size off the top of my head but I know it exists I've seen it.