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  1. Submit Your Bronco Questions For This Week’s Off-Road Expo Appearance

    Different versions of the fold down tailgate table and tailgate mounted storage pouches are available on Amazon for the Wrangler, so it’s only a matter of time before they are available for the Bronco. I hope Ford gets these items out for the order process soon
  2. Bronco order date / bank now opening January? Per dealer

    I saw the TFL test between the Raptor and TRX and the Fully loaded TRX was $91,000 while the Raptor was fully loaded at $77,000
  3. 33" tires fit on Outer Banks. Drawings showing fitments between the trims. Please look if you’re thinking aftermarket tires

    I have the same thoughts in mind and as insurance to not be under geared I am ordering the 4.27 gear set. The .636 10th gear overdrive ratio still ensures a reasonable street gearing even with the stock 255 tires
  4. Spotted: White Bronco Outer Banks next to a Wrangler 4xe Hybrid

    This looks more like an updated competitor to the deceased Honda Element
  5. Fuel range concerns with 2 door Sasquatch

    You are forgetting that a 30” tire come with a 3.73 ratio and a 35” tire gets the 4.7 ratio. That’s a huge equalizer. The main difference will be the extra weight of the tires and axles
  6. Some math to find out delivery timeline for your Bronco

    Something isn't right as I was nowhere near the top of the reservation list and my order sequence line order would be under 200
  7. CD Player

    A flash drive will hold thousands of songs as most cars today have USB capability. It’s what I use. It also allows me to categorize my music in different folders as I like both Classic Rock and Country. I also use satellite radio for music and sports events
  8. 3.73, 4.27 & 4.46 ratio on-road?

    I will be running 32 in tires on mine and I'd rather have too low a gear (higher numerically) than too high of a gear. The 10 sp auto overdrive gearing of .636 brings the final gearing down below 3.00 for cruising speed purposes. I dealt with that with my 1970 Bronco w/3.50 rear end, 1:1 3rd...
  9. So what exterior colors actually match Navy Pier interior?

    Thanks for the update. The 360 of the seat selection seems to show its black......a double back check may indicate you are’s a dark picture but still looks better than Sandstone....esp when shown against the gray Bronco dash panel
  10. So what exterior colors actually match Navy Pier interior?

    We will order an Oxford White OBX w/Navy Pier leather trim. We liked the black dash better than the Sandstone colored dash

    It differs from mfg on leases. BMW, Acura, and I believe Honda include it in their leases.....likely some others do too. Some don’t offer it at all

    Car insurance is always based on ACV, not Replacement Cost, unless you buy that option with a new car purchase. It also has coverage limitations. New Car Replacement can’t be bought with used cars. The closest thing is Liberty Mutual, who offers a 1 year newer valuation on a total loss.

    In Calif, when I financed my Honda Pilot w/a $1,000 down payment, I added GAP to my Nationwide policy and it was under $60/yr. and I removed it after 2 yrs of payments at 0.9% interest and made sure the loan payoff was less than KBB Trade In Value. Pilots also carry an above average value as...
  14. Bronco financing

    Lenders don’t lock in interest rates this far out.....even promotional interest rates. You are best to ask this question next May or June when deliveries start to occur
  15. Dealer claims we'll be able to submit Bronco order from our own Ford account

    Give Eric at Kearny Mesa in San Diego a jingle. He has been very straightforward like Nay Nay and Albert here
  16. Dealer claims we'll be able to submit Bronco order from our own Ford account

    I hope you know that Autonation has the reputation of no negotiation. I can’t say that they offer a discount to the MSRP either
  17. CA Granger Group Buy

    I'm in the Fresno/Clovis area and I just switched to Kearny Mesa in San Diego as they are honoring the X-Plan pricing model. Serramonte Ford in SF is honoring the same deal, but a 1 hr $59 flight on Alaska Air to San Diego makes it easier. Both reps have been here and have been straight shooters.
  18. 3.73, 4.27 & 4.46 ratio on-road?

    I like this calculator, but the variable it doesn’t show is the Overdrive gear ratio, which on the Bronco is .636. To get truer numbers on the right side of the calculator, you need to multiply the axle ratio times .636 to get a final drive ratio. The Overdrive field on the right side does not...
  19. SAD: I can't afford the new Bronco. :(

    That’s per month......a $40,000 loan would cost $720/month (40x18.00)
  20. This better not be in the Bronco

    FOR CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: in California, insurance rates and programs must meet the approval of the Dept of Insurance before they can be implemented, which can be a tedious and time consuming process. The Dept is a heavily pro consumer government organization that looks after consumer interests...