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  1. Frank N

    Mike Fitzpatrick Ford Newnan, Georgia

    Minimal effort I guess, these things will sell themselves.
  2. Frank N

    Don’t see much difference between models

    Time to get your eyes checked....and on the way home you should stop at the Subaru dealer.
  3. Frank N

    Bronco SPORT deliveries have begun!

    Not a bad looking little vehicle....but wtf with the engine choices. I mean I get it, CAFE standards BS..but a 1.5 3cyl?
  4. Frank N

    Who is going for a non-Squatch Base?

    Base is a great deal, unless your hung up on the manual, the 2.7 is worth every penny IMO. I was at Base until my wife got involved. LOL
  5. Frank N

    What are you asking for, for Christmas?

    A DORA from Ford confirming my Bronco order.
  6. Frank N

    Dust Infiltration Test Video

    only last 7 seconds unitil the motor choked....
  7. Frank N

    2 Door Dilemma

    this is true - police really don’t like this so now I bungee cord the kids to the roof.
  8. Frank N

    Email from Dealer orders opening next week

    Yup but it’s the latest from Ford to one of their biggest customers and updated regularly. Definitely more reliable that Joe Salesguy.
  9. Frank N

    What trim level have you decided on?

    I’m going BD 2.7, squatch and mid...or base squatch...maybe
  10. Frank N

    Why go 2-door unless you have to?

    The NJ salute is not trademarked...and has global recognition.
  11. Frank N

    Why go 2-door unless you have to?

    My mother in law cannot get in a dr, so I am getting a 2 dr.
  12. Frank N

    2 Dr Hard Top - how many sections?

    The aftermarket will provide...
  13. Frank N

    Big Bend Bronco SPORT in Cactus Gray

    Thanks! Confirmed I am still stuck on white. Lol
  14. Frank N

    Wheel offset confirmed for optional Badlands wheel (+55 offset)

    But still too hard for Jeep owners. Sorry..I had too. Lol
  15. Frank N

    Wheel offset confirmed for optional Badlands wheel (+55 offset)

    Great I hope that is the case.
  16. Frank N

    Top reasons jeep wrangler better than bronco

    OP is so right, everyone cancel their reservation now! Then I can easily take delivery next summer of a poor imitation of a Jeep called Bronco. I'll post some pics of my inferior Bronco so you will all know you did the right thing by getting a Jeep instead.
  17. Frank N

    Wheel offset confirmed for optional Badlands wheel (+55 offset)

    Thanks! My big takeway is they are die thanks. I prefer forged for off road use. Now on to see if the squatch version is cast or forged, I doubt forged. Cheap azz OEMs.
  18. Frank N

    I think I found a good tire option compromise.

    Nice but not practical for most. I do run Mickeys on my truck. ATZs, aggressive without sacrifice in rain and snow. More of an RT tire than AT.
  19. Frank N

    Why Buy a 2021 ?

    Because life is short.