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  1. Is this a weird question? 2 Door Sasquatch vs. Non Sasquatch Rollover?

    I dare say the sasquatch might be less likely to rollover with the added width.
  2. Bronco R Returns to Race in Baja 1000 Today + a Look at Antimatter Blue Bronco

    The Ford announcement elsewhere says that both vehicles have a completely stock 2.7L engine with a 10 speed transmission. "Both vehicles are powered by fully stock Ford 2.7-liter EcoBoost® V6 engines and 10-speed SelectShift® automatic transmissions, and built on Ford’s second-generation T6...
  3. Best fitting aftermarket seat covers for cloth seats?

    Ford sells Carhart ones from their accessories department and some other neoprene ones. They sell them for all of their other models so I would assume Bronco will be the same. They will be the first ones out and are a specific fit, so might be the first best option right there if you want it...
  4. Black Diamond Wheels look so good...

    I would love those steelies instead of the SAS wheels....but oh well. SASquatch is a MUST.
  5. Ford SEMA Show

    They might not have to be in the same place or at the same time. It is probably all pre taped stuff.
  6. Ford Trail Control for Off-Road Explained

    Trail control is initiated like the cruise control. In the Raptor I drove at the Raptor Attack School it was controlled identically to cruise control. this show the engagement button.
  7. Ford SEMA Show

    Time to get your youtube on! SEMA Web show on Thursday a 8PM I would wager that a BUNCH of Broncos are there...right?
  8. Bronco SPORT accessories brochure with MSRP pricing

    This list is all the accessories you can buy at the dealer and have them installed, not the options you can order from the factory and get on the window sticker that includes labor that is called Dealer Installed Options. Subtle difference.
  9. Where is the Lightning Blue!!

    They added it late to the option list, which would lead to believe it will be late to the pictures as well. Be happy with the option.
  10. Factory wheels selection sucks

    I really like the Black Diamond Steelies. If I could only get them with the Sasquatch package.
  11. Is the towing capacity really that bad?

    No, the 3500 pound towing capacity is fine. People who say otherwise have needs that would be suited by different vehicles. No one vehicle will ever fill everyone's needs. That said, NO one makes a convertible SUV with 2 or 4 doors that tows 5000 pounds. So if they want that, they will have...
  12. If we all WAIT. Ford will give us what we and everyone deserves.

    Ford made an amazing vehicle here that has the mechanical bits no one else offers at an amazing price with warranty off the factory floor. No other manufacture is going to give you lockers front rear, 4.7 gears, a 300 HP 400 TQ engine, on a BASE vehicle. As simple as it gets with as good...
  13. Is this not an interior option?

    no....stop asking. search helps
  14. Ordering-The Deal !

    If I remember correctly the full tank of gas is on the window sticker of Fords. dealers are credited for fuel, so you should be getting gas in it. **Looked at a few Window Stickers and I dont see it anymore**
  15. Foaming the frame

    My top is getting Orange Shag Carpeting...but that is just me.
  16. Explain GVWR?

    The GVWR is going to change for each version of the vehicle depending on doors, engines, suspension... From a regulation standpoint they need to keep a certain % of their builds within certain specs to qualify the vehicle as a X sized vehicles and Y emissions. From there there are formulas...
  17. Explain GVWR?

    Built Ford Tough isnt just a is a mantra and all Ford vehicles are overbuilt in structural areas because of it. GVWR in reality doesnt matter to people on a daily basis. it is a legal requirement to put it on the doors and then it helps classify vehicles for sizing and emissions...
  18. Z plan Bronco - does it matter which dealer?

    The Z plan price is something like 5% below the it might be better. However, with the Z plan you can go to the local guy and you dont have to worry about doc fees. Its a give and take. The 2K under at Granger for late orders is defiantly better than Z plan or A plan, assuming the...
  19. Z plan Bronco - does it matter which dealer?

    For price it doesn't matter. For timing of delivery it might.