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  1. maricard

    33" tires fit on Outer Banks. Drawings showing fitments between the trims. Please look if you’re thinking aftermarket tires

    You make me save a lot of money man... WT to BB and happier with 33" rubbers
  2. maricard

    Photos: Antimatter Blue 2-door Outer Banks Sasquatch Rock Crawling!

    You think that gonna be easy like this? I lean for a BB with 33!
  3. maricard

    Wildtrak interior post your pictures

    Some like it other don't but do we have good pictures to really feel it? All pictures a got are not so good. Post yours if you have other. Leather or cloth
  4. maricard

    Wildtrak makes no sense at all.

    I think it's a glich on the canadian B&P. If you look at the US B&P the WT have the power seat with leather option.
  5. maricard

    Canada - What trim level you thinking!

    My picks with A51 : 1- WT, med package, leather, tow, liners --> otd 75 500$ 2- BL, 2.7 auto, mic, med package, upgraded wheel, tow, liners --> otd 74 500$ Ecomic choices : 3- BB, 2.7 auto, mic, lockers + 4.27, med package, tow, liners (but I want 4x4 auto) --> otd 62 500$ 4- BD, 2.7 auto...
  6. maricard

    I'm torn! Can't decide.... (another post)

    Here everything is soooo expensive + our F?%$#K taxes (15% in Quebec) and we pay that with our monopoly can$ "Vive le Canada"
  7. maricard

    I'm torn! Can't decide.... (another post)

    2 - 2.5K could be enough to buy 33" winter rubber with is steelies.
  8. maricard

    I'm torn! Can't decide.... (another post)

    In canada you need the winter flake logo on your shoes so BL with BF a/t is your choice for winter legal in Canada but not the GY 35" But you should think to have a second set of tire in both case. IMO
  9. maricard

    What is this on the interior roof?

    easy... beer opener
  10. maricard

    Canadian Bronco Club

    @bluezombi Terrebonne Ford, tu as choisi lequel?
  11. maricard

    Canadian Bronco Club

    This is the answer of my dealer "Honnêtement je ne pourrais vous dire , je pense ( sous toutes réserve ) que le taux devrait ce situer au maximum au alentour de 3.49 %"
  12. maricard

    2.3 or 2.7 ?

    It's a mess in there
  13. maricard

    2.3 or 2.7 ?

    Found it on insta #bronco_battalion_us Is it the 2.3 or 2.7?
  14. maricard

    Canadian Bronco Club

    He was not sure for the 3.5%, but the final rate is fix at the reception of the truck
  15. maricard

    Canadian Bronco Club

    1.9 looks like a promo but they don't have to do any promo to sell a Bronco
  16. maricard

    Canadian Bronco Club

    My dealer said about 3.5%