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  1. DesertMike680

    Bronco SPORT deliveries have begun!

    Fantastic! I really like the Sport. Will definitely consider it if my dealer won't work with me on a price for the Bronco. I would have to sacrifice the manual though. Ugh.
  2. DesertMike680

    Cyber Orange Badlands with White Top (Render)

    I'm honestly not a fan of the white roof at all, but that's just my personal opinion/tastes. Great find regardless.
  3. DesertMike680

    🔥 Bronco WildTrak Area 51 w/ Soft Top

    Nice job! Amazing pics too! On another note - Obviously lease prices for the Bronco haven't posted and won't for a bit. When comparing to the Bronco Sport (lease prices posted), is it safe to say that they will be pretty identical?
  4. DesertMike680

    Swap body parts easy

    Right there with you on that. I was really hoping the taillights would be an option on all lower trims. They look so much better versus the standard ones. BD is what I'm going with.
  5. DesertMike680

    Swap body parts easy

    Agreed. As soon as the signature taillights are available, I'll be swapping them out as well.
  6. DesertMike680

    Invoice pricing for some 2021 Bronco packages and options

    If the 12 inch screen is available for BD but not mid package with manual, then I might say that's a fair trade-off. Well, maybe.
  7. DesertMike680

    Real life pics of Bronco Black Diamond Interior

    Just to clarify - This is the BD, sandstone, marine vinyl?
  8. DesertMike680

    4dr Wild Track | Area 51 | Sasquatch

    Amazing pics! Also, love the LED taillights. A shame Ford doesn't allow us to option them in on BD trims and lower. Might have to buy them and swap out the standard taillights sometime after delivery...
  9. DesertMike680

    Bronco to Appear at International Off-Road & UTV Expo in Arizona on December 4-6

    Crap. I'm in Vegas. So close but so far away.
  10. DesertMike680

    Dates for 2021 Bronco Order Acceptance, Scheduling and Production Start Revealed!

    So how do officially place an order for our Bronco? Do we go into the dealership sometime in Dec or Jan? Or will the dealership reach out to us?
  11. DesertMike680

    Black Diamond Bronco (Cyber Orange) spotted next to Jeep Wrangler Rubicon -- 2 Doors Compared

    Ha! Good call! Here in Vegas, "Wrangler Bro's" are everywhere, as every single person has one. It's so monotonous. Cannot wait to get my Bronco.
  12. DesertMike680

    New videos show off Bronco Trail Turn Control + testing manual in sand

    Awesome find! Also, I really hope he doesnt drink Monster energy....
  13. DesertMike680

    2021 Bronco Parts & Accessories Guide (Including Pricing & Part Numbers)

    Good find! On another note - This Bronco is going to get really expensive, fast. Even for a lease. Ugh.
  14. DesertMike680


    Vegas as well. I reserved a 2-door BD.
  15. DesertMike680

    Let's help Ford help us.

    Definitely need clarification on the manual with mid package. Was really disappointed that the manual swapped to auto once the mid package was selected. With that, the options in the mid package should be standard. I mean, it's not 2012..
  16. DesertMike680

    500k+ Bronco builds created on Build & Price so far. Here are the configuration stats.

    Same with me - Only considered the Bronco due to offering the manual. If they didn't, it wouldn't have been an option. However, not having adequate options without breaking the bank (looks like lease options might be similar to the Explorer - Won't be much cheaper versus finance) is kind of...
  17. DesertMike680

    500k+ Bronco builds created on Build & Price so far. Here are the configuration stats.

    Completely agree. Let's hope it's an error or glitch with B/P and not what Ford is actually going to offer. The inability to not have a manual with the mid package is ridiculous as it's really frustrating me. Considering so, the options with the mid package are a no brainier and should be part...