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  1. Love Shop Auto Lo

    Bay Area Broncos

    Thanks Wayne for coming by. We’re glad to have added some spice to your Bronco. It’s looking amazing🤝
  2. Love Shop Auto Lo

    Bay Area Broncos

    @Linkster02 Got my fingers crossed for you that it’ll arrive sooner than later! When you’re ready shoot me a text with what you’re looking for. I’ll be here for ya @Gloff thanks for the very kind words🤝😭
  3. Love Shop Auto Lo

    Bay Area Broncos

    I hope I don’t get busted but I own a shop in Fremont that specializes in lifts and tires. I usually can beat 4WP prices Shoot me a text at (510) 697-1410 Happy to help a fellow bronco member save some money!!
  4. Love Shop Auto Lo

    Bay Area Broncos

    No leaks on the soft top here. Truck sat out all last night, drove it through big puddles where the water went over the windshield this am and we’re still dry! Good luck!
  5. A week with the Bronco in the desert: Joshua Tree and Death Valley

    Congrats and what a rad looking trip. I'm out in Oakland and we should link up to get coffee some time!
  6. AREA 51 Bronco Club

    The lights does cause the soft top to flap on the top. No whistling thank goodness so this tell me this setup is good with a hardtop. I don't know what it's like with the top down yet on the freeway Things I will need to fix: wipers hit the lights so we're extending the brackets to...
  7. AREA 51 Bronco Club

    Howdy! Took delivery of my dream truck a month ago and finally it's here. Let's just say I spent my time well while waiting for my truck lol. It's been one hell of a daily driver, but an even better high-speed desert runner and rock crawler. Just wow. This is my first brand-new car. I've only...
  8. The Bronlonius: A51 Sasquatch + JDM Wheels

    11.19 Prototype brackets were made to fit the KC's. I love the modern-americana look the truck now has. It has a desert racer vibe with retro cues. The boys at Race Factory did a bang on job. I'm trying to convince them to do a small batch for y'all if there's any interest in it.. I don't know...
  9. Love Shop Auto Lo

    Bay Area Broncos

    Update on pricing: It appears that the hard top is $6.2k. That’s the price from Fremont Ford but I’d assume it’s the same for all dealership Thanks y’all
  10. Love Shop Auto Lo

    Bay Area Broncos

    Yoo thanks so much for looking into this!
  11. Love Shop Auto Lo

    Bay Area Broncos

    I’m heading to Fremont Ford later today to ask. I’ll keep y’all updated
  12. Love Shop Auto Lo

    Bay Area Broncos

    Does anyone know if and when you can buy a hard top? I can't imagine that they'd be available anytime soon
  13. The Bronlonius: A51 Sasquatch + JDM Wheels

    Also, if you are a fan of the TE37 variety. Here's the M-Spec TE's that are 17x8.5 -10 like the Gramlights. Love the dish and the chubby spokes. Fitment is flush to SAS fenders.
  14. The Bronlonius: A51 Sasquatch + JDM Wheels

    Mod Update: Going for an OEM+ look for the bumper lighting situation. I was able to source some bajas Yellow= fogs, striped= wide angle driving golf ball looking= spot/ work light FYI: GET NEW HARDWARE The bolts will snap if you try to loosen them to adjust the mounting position of the lights...
  15. The Bronlonius: A51 Sasquatch + JDM Wheels

    I'm not 100% sure what the stock Sasquatch wheels weigh but at a quick google, someone speculates its 37lbs. The gram lights are 24lbs!
  16. The Bronlonius: A51 Sasquatch + JDM Wheels

    Thanks Y'all! Next up: The truck is heading to a local car show and I wanted to give it an OEM+ look when it comes to lighting upgrade. Lights: baja design squadrons in yellow, and two types of S2's in white bracket...
  17. The Bronlonius: A51 Sasquatch + JDM Wheels

    Say no more, I got you! I recently discovered that we share the same bolt pattern with Toyotas but I wasn't sure how the wheels would really fit. Being a shop, we had a set of Gramlights sitting and we were curious. The end result is what you see! The secret sauce was 17x8.5 Et-10 to have the...
  18. The Bronlonius: A51 Sasquatch + JDM Wheels

    Just a quick mod update: The front end needed a little spicing up. I want to give it more time to see what the aftermarket comes up with for bumpers. I'm seeing good designs out there, but it's too early to commit. So I went conservative and ordered the factory brush guard. To me, it completed...
  19. The Bronlonius: A51 Sasquatch + JDM Wheels

    Let's try this again, shall we? The journey started about 3 years ago when I was on a trip with my FJ Cruiser down in Baja running some of the course with a group. I was talking to someone about how I wish that Ford would make a modern Bronco because I love retro modern vehicles. He told me he...