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  1. All Broncos are Priority 19 says dealer?

    false. my original order was 19, when I updated it last month it changed to 10. 10/20 reservation 2dr OBX / auto / lux
  2. Capable front bumper ?

    which sucks. I thought it would have been available as an option for other trims.
  3. What’s this dripping fluid?

    That's what she said.....
  4. Seat Position and Visibility Disappointment

    If you are coming from an older defender, everything you sit in is going to be awkward to you. I drove an older discovery for 12 years and there isn’t anything that has the same driver positioning.
  5. 2 Door BaseSquatch Delivered. Timeline, Q & A, Notes From First 100 miles

    The base grill may be my favorite look.
  6. “New” wheels on build and price?

    looking at B&P it shows up on all trim levels…….. didn’t check the FE though.
  7. “New” wheels on build and price?

    Have these always been an option and I have just missed it the whole time, or have these just been added recently?
  8. Paint an OBX grill white?

    Actually hadn’t thought about wrapping it. Good idea.
  9. Paint an OBX grill white?

    with the white grill option seeming light years away, how intensive do you think it would be to repaint an OBX grill white?
  10. 33's tires fit Big Bend! As tested on my 2021 Bronco

    Sometimes I really like the way that cactus gray looks....... damn.
  11. 2.3 Auto Sasquatch Club

    OBX 2 Door 2.3 Auto Sasquatch Roof Rack MIC Floor Liners Oxford White HD Bumper Lux
  12. Age and Reason for 2door and 4door buyers

    46 and ordered a 2 door.
  13. 37s fit on a stock BADLANDS! But can't offroad 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Relax man. I don’t personally know and have never met Mitchell (my Bronco in ordered through his dealership) and I am not here to defend him. You act like he came into your house and peed on your couch, just because of a couple of videos.