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  1. 2.7L blown engine failures list . . 26 noted so far - [Jan 14 update]

    Mine's in the suspect build date, towed a trailer on an 800 mile trip using 91 octane and some 87 octane through mountain roads and rocky trails, it had 1,500 miles when I started and now I'm around 4K. Took the same trip with the same trailer in a V8 4runner and it struggled on uphill climbs...
  2. 2.7L blown engine failures list . . 26 noted so far - [Jan 14 update]

    No correlation other than the way I drive, they were both running oversize tires, and they had 75K or more miles on them. The first was a 2011 JK with the 3.8L trash engine and 35's, the second was a 2006 taco with the 4.0L and 37's. To be fair, about 80% of the miles I put on them was high...
  3. 2021+ Bronco ForScan Thread

    This would actually be a great feature, I can count to four but ten is asking a whole lot out of me.
  4. 2.7L blown engine failures list . . 26 noted so far - [Jan 14 update]

    Dude I still haven't seen you around town, I haven't even seen a single Bronco here. Mine's a 214 build date and I've got just under 4K. I've got blown engines in the past two vehicles I've bought, I was hoping that buying a brand new one would end my winning streak, at least for a while.
  5. The Panda Power Module is HERE! A 2.7L Tuning Solution by Panda Motorworks!

    Nah, I used to love XM but it's kinda trash these days. Sure, there are other ways to track me and snoop, good lord there's a lot of it, but I prefer to choose exactly when and what they get to see. If there's ever a time I need to drop completely off radar for whatever reason, it's just a...
  6. The Panda Power Module is HERE! A 2.7L Tuning Solution by Panda Motorworks!

    You're making the assumption that once something is installed, it cannot be disabled. It's still there in case I need GPS and cell data for future use or resale, but I'm under no obligation to keep it active.
  7. The Panda Power Module is HERE! A 2.7L Tuning Solution by Panda Motorworks!

    The battery was the first thing unplugged, and stayed that way while I swapped spark plugs, then I went on to plug in the sensors. But, I'm willing to give it one more try just in case there's a different order of operation or whatever. Post or link the instructions here (for me and anyone else...
  8. The Panda Power Module is HERE! A 2.7L Tuning Solution by Panda Motorworks!

    I don't have one, to be honest. I installed it exactly as they did in the vids (no instructions included, aside from a warning that you can install plugs in reverse inadvertently), immediately saw that the check engine light was on, couldn't get out of limp home mode. Ran pretty rough the...
  9. The Panda Power Module is HERE! A 2.7L Tuning Solution by Panda Motorworks!

    Pretty disappointed that this app requires location services to function. It was bad enough when it asked permission to use camera and media (it's a wireless interface, not a multimedia device we're talking about here), but then it gives me some BS about needing location services for bluetooth...
  10. 2021+ Bronco ForScan Thread

    I would imagine that if the Bronco had such a capability and it was simply hidden/deactivated by Ford on lower trim or by opting out, then there would've been a perimeter alarm option from the factory or dealer activated option at any rate (otherwise, why incur additional expense in every...
  11. JcrOffroad molle panels!

    Following along to see the 2dr option (y)
  12. ARCHETYPE RACING | BAM-BYODR (Billet Aluminum Modular Bring Your Own Device Rail)

    Any plans for mlok compatible rails? Seems like that would be an ideal mounting interface for accessories beyond the good old cheese grater option. I searched the thread with no results, sorry if it's already been asked.
  13. Bronco's unexpected quirks. What'cha got!?

    -Had some weird text notifications happen when my phone is connected. If I get a text, it'll just randomly throw out a name in my contact list and say I got two texts instead of one. When I look at my phone, there's only one text from a completely different number. It's not just my phone...
  14. Install MRT Hood Strut

    Yeah that's a tough one, open the hood closer to the center of gravity or open it where it's probably reinforced for the hinge...I can see where it would be a draw without more info and comparison. I'll get the redline kit ordered ASAP and post pics and my opinion of it when it gets here (y)
  15. Vindication for Bronco on 40's vs Wrangler Stepchild

    I don't feel like arguing about something that can't be proven with a text reply. Nonetheless, I disagree entirely.
  16. Install MRT Hood Strut

    I may try the other style just so we can compare the you have any info for it?
  17. Install MRT Hood Strut

    Nice. I was just thinking the other day that I should figure out how to mount lift struts to the hood. Why vehicles are still manufactured with prop rods in 2021 is beyond me.
  18. Baja Kits Prerunner Kit

    An LT kit from TC would be great, but an XLT kit from Solo would be even better. 19" of wheel travel on a taco in 4WD hopefully means that similar wheel travel could be achievable with the bronco.
  19. Actually disconnecting the sway bar (have you done it?)

    Eh, I just took mine off entirely. Body roll is minimal on road without it compared to what I've been driving, and there's enough benefit offroad that it'll probably just collect dust in the back with all the other swaybars I've removed over the years.
  20. Video: 2022 Bronco Raptor Off-Roading, Side-by-Side vs Standard (Outer Banks) Bronco, and Rear End Undercarriage

    Time doesn't have to tell what a basic understanding of suspension already does. Long travel suspensions rely heavily on the fact that their spring rates are less progressive for more wheel travel, which means when you add identical weight the suspension squats even more than traditional...