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  1. Adding Rear Defroster on Hardtop?

    I bought an early 4 door BD soft top that doesnt have wiper/defrost connections. My plan hopefully one day is to get a hardtop but was wondering about at least adding defrost. Wiper is no big deal, but in MA is winter i need to defrost. Are there any kits? and I'm hoping the new AFC tops come...
  2. CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Club

    I love how my carbonized grey contrasts again my yellow motocompo. Scooter also fits right in back!
  3. Massachusetts Black Diamond Aluminum 17” wheels tires for sale

    My truck is manual as well. Not a huge difference. Little noisier. Don’t let all the opinions about gears and beefier front axles stop ya from throwing on some big boys!
  4. Massachusetts Black Diamond Aluminum 17” wheels tires for sale

    315 (35s) here’s a side by side
  5. Massachusetts Black Diamond Aluminum 17” wheels tires for sale

    Thanks man we’re loving this thing! I’ll prob just use that 4wp 1” up front kit. The Zone one is back order till “who knows when” Unfortunately this thing will be use more on road than in woods so jacking the thing up w spacer lifts never feels right.
  6. Massachusetts Black Diamond Aluminum 17” wheels tires for sale

    Priced to sell! I grabbed a set of factory Sasquatch wheels locally. I need to level the front, but with the manual trans this thing is still zippy!
  7. Massachusetts Sold: Black Diamond Aluminum 17” wheels tires for sale

    Just came off my rig set of 5 aluminum rims and 265 (32”) only about 250 miles on em. I’m in Boston. I do have a few different guys I use for shipping and may be able to help. $1200. Thanks for looking! 617-821-6503
  8. Anyone wanna swap the black Sasquatch beauty rings for my silver beauty rings

    I have black rings and want silver. You still Have your silver ones? Thx
  9. Massachusetts Beauty ring swap

    Keep me posted when you get your rig. Thanks
  10. Massachusetts SOLD Door bags and On Board harness

    I have a brand new set of 4 door bags and the on board harness. There’s also 2 door edge protector strips and the 2 screw in eyelets. This is all brand new never used stuff. I’m in Boston so removing doors will not be in my future. $600 shipped USA on everything. Thx For looking!
  11. Massachusetts WTB Zone 2" lift kit

    Anyone have a 2" Zone setup theyd like to sell. let me know thx.
  12. Massachusetts Sold: Beauty ring swap

    Hi anyone interested in swapping there silver beauty / bead lock rings for my black ones. Set of five. Thanks
  13. Ohio WTB : Black Beauty Rings from Wildtrak

    Im looking to swap my black ones for silver if you interested. Thanks T
  14. Sasquatching a Non-Sasquatch

    Yea for me it was about wanted a manual trans and this BD was sitting at my local dealer so I snatched it up. I def would have paid the extra dough for squatch if manual was an option and I didn’t have to wait 2 years.
  15. Sasquatching a Non-Sasquatch

    Wow looks awesome! What brand and where did you get those rims? Love it!
  16. Sasquatching a Non-Sasquatch

    I have a 2.3 manual trans black Diamond non-sas. I have the opportunity to pick up a factory set of Sasquatch wheels and tires (315s). I was planning on adding a 2” lift and running these wheels. I’m looking for a little More clearance for muddy fire roads and light 4x4 trails in northern New...