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  1. Welcome to the Chit Show @dealerinsider

    There are honest ones up here, they are just all charging a minimum of MSRP. The drive back was nice through PA and Southern Jersey...until you hit Garden State and Rte 95. You can always meander up the Taconic Pkwy.
  2. Tasca in Cranston, RI

    $5k over for ones on the lot correct? My sister has an order with them at MSRP.
  3. New Englanders with Broncos?

    It takes about 7-10 days after your tracker updates to Shipped. Ford ships to NE via Rail.
  4. swanjonson

    New England Broncos

    @RagnarKon yes, definitely shown twice, top image and then pictures between BL standard wheel and OB wheel.
  5. swanjonson

    New England Broncos

    @RagnarKon I am traveling this week. When I get home I will take off the spare and check the measurements. I believe that are 17x8, but I will double check. I will also get some pictures for you. The "spokes" are flat compared to the sas/wt rims.
  6. Nice Red White and Blue 2dr Base in Rochester

    Great idea, I will if they are still there after dinner.
  7. Nice Red White and Blue 2dr Base in Rochester

    Night time camera photos don't do it justice. The colors look better in person.
  8. Nice Red White and Blue 2dr Base in Rochester

    Yes, I hit the post button by accident. I updated
  9. Nice Red White and Blue 2dr Base in Rochester

    Up in Rochester for work and saw this modified 2dr base in the parking lot. Painted the Front Bronco Red/White/Blue. Carbon Fiber(?) Hood. Blue Hard top.
  10. Hey New England, anybody got a positive review for a dealership with NO MARKUPS for their Bronco?

    I did not take the one I ordered at Kelly Ford, Beverly, but they were ready to sell it to me for MSRP, as agreed.
  11. Anyone else having issues with SiriusXM today?

    It started this afternoon. I ran errands this morning with no issues, then this afternoon, trying to change SiriusXM channels, either through steering wheel controls or directly from screen, the SiriusXM channel will not change. Direct input, choosing a preset, push a button and the channel...
  12. 🛠 10/11/21 Build Week Group

    Would you have the part number for the FE/WT Bronco emblem. I would like to do same for my A51.
  13. swanjonson

    New England Broncos

    I had to do it, I put it back last evening, turned up the heat and turned on the heated seats!! No way I was waiting until next March!!
  14. Welcome to the Chit Show @dealerinsider

    Where about on the Southshore, I am a transplant by marriage 🤣 Chapman works with a title clerk in Mass to get everything through the RMV.
  15. swanjonson

    New England Broncos

    It will be in the 50s this weekend. We are from NE, put the roof back, put a hooded sweater on or wear a hat!😆
  16. swanjonson

    New England Broncos

    @RagnarKon I have not see any others in person, other than the ones on the roadshow ABM BL Ford brought around. They look even better in person.
  17. swanjonson

    New England Broncos

    @DrSquatch I am in Peabody, MA. If/when I swap out these wheels I will let you know.
  18. Welcome to the Chit Show @dealerinsider

    We regular go to NH and we have twins as freshman at UMaine so we will be up there a ton as well
  19. swanjonson

    New England Broncos

    She came home yesterday! Picked up in PA and drove her home: