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  1. BroncoRN

    South Florida (FTL/Miami to Key West) Bronco Club

    @Cfield90 Mine was rail (CSX) and it took about 12 days (from when it shipped) to arrive in the town near the dealership. From there it will be transported to the dealership about 20 minutes away.
  2. BroncoRN

    South Florida (FTL/Miami to Key West) Bronco Club

    @Miamibronco Not yet. It arrived in Taft (Florida) today and my dealer doesn't allow for deliveries on the weekend. So hopefully it will be delivered Monday/Tuesday of next week. Dying!! I LOVE that tag and it looks amazing on your Bronco!
  3. BroncoRN

    South Florida (FTL/Miami to Key West) Bronco Club

    Congrats! I got the same color and planned on getting the same tag! Have fun!
  4. 🛠 10/4 build week group

    I have not received mine as of yet. However, mine is on the train about 400 miles from the dealership, so hopefully any day now.
  5. 🛠 10/4 build week group

    So glad you like the cyber orange. I ordered that, too and wanted something that would stand out on the trails. Enjoy!
  6. BroncoRN

    South Florida (FTL/Miami to Key West) Bronco Club

    I am in Miami and mine is on the train at the moment. Expected late Oct-early November. I have only seen two in Miami. I think one was a mannequin and the other looked like someone owned it. Other than that, nada! Dying to see more and cannot wait to cross paths with you all!
  7. BroncoRN

    South Florida (FTL/Miami to Key West) Bronco Club

    @Alienpilot I am the same way. I usually come up with three options when deciding on something and pick one and call it a day. Great thing is all of the cool modifications coming our way. If anything, you can always change it up.
  8. BroncoRN

    South Florida (FTL/Miami to Key West) Bronco Club

    Does anyone know of a good and reliable graphics shop in Miami? Looking for something like this pic.
  9. BroncoRN

    South Florida (FTL/Miami to Key West) Bronco Club

    @Miamibronco do you know the train car info to track it on CSX? Last I checked (updated info on 10/20 from CSX) mine was in Ohio. Wonder if ours is being shipped together.
  10. Bronco off-roading Rainbow Falls OHV area "mini Moab" in Colorado

    Thanks for the video! I love to see people doing what they love. Moving your way next year with my Bronco. Hope to find a cool group of friends to explore and have fun with. Maybe we will cross paths!
  11. BroncoRN

    South Florida (FTL/Miami to Key West) Bronco Club

    I have the same arrival window as you. Which dealer did you go with? I am with Mullinax of Kissimmee.
  12. 🛠 10/4 build week group

    I was scheduled for the week of 10/4 with a blend date of 10/7. I didn't receive any information regarding it being built but kept checking the modules. Finally, I saw my modules populate the next week (around 10/13) but still nothing changed on the tracker and no email received. I received the...
  13. 🛠 10/4 build week group

    Not anymore, but it took a while for the production to go to built. My blend date was 10/7 and I didn't see anything change until this past weekend. Now I see "built" with a date of 10/16 under it, and this morning I got the shipped email. I don't know why it took longer than others to go...
  14. Something Happened! Sammys Bronco has me going to new places, to experience and capture again. Bronco is worth the wait!!!

    I don't know if I am tired from working my challenging shifts at the hospital this past week or if it's your eloquent way of detailing your life over the past few years, but I couldn't help but cry after reading your post. I LOVE dog people, and I think you are an amazing guy. Your dogs are so...
  15. Bronco Meet With Site Members @ Ol'Florida Offroad Park

    Count me in for next year!
  16. 🛠 10/4 build week group

    I am in the same boat as you. No "built" indication/date on the tracker yet or email, however, the "in production" and "delivery" show dates below it. I just saw the modules populate this morning. I know the system can lag a bit and is not always up-to-date. At this point all we can do is stay...
  17. 🛠 10/11/21 Build Week Group

    No, I live in Florida. I was just being hopeful that mine would arrive within the same time frame. I see "rail" on my sticker, so who knows how long that can take. Sounds like there are a lot of variables that come into play. Just glad I had a blend date of yesterday!
  18. 🛠 10/11/21 Build Week Group

    So I see people posting what appears to be build order numbers. My sticker shows 11/440. Can someone interpret that for me, please? Thanks in advance!
  19. 🛠 10/11/21 Build Week Group

    That is amazing news! I have a blend date of today. I hope mine is delivered as quickly as yours :)