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  1. Does high volume dealer get your order built faster?

    Its that attitude that is still a little shocking to normal folk even when you factor in the level of greed in these hand-wringing cockroach dealers, bug-eyed with dollar signs. And that Ford has been complacent & fostering the behavior to a larger degree in many ADM situations --- except where...
  2. Ford Stops ADM on Ford Lightning why not Bronco

    Unfortunately true....but I HAD to log in today just to get my blood boiling & certainly was successful, its one thing I can at least depend on from Ford on a regular basis!
  3. Ford Stops ADM on Ford Lightning why not Bronco

    Well, shit....ONE thing they can do is fucking well stop bending over for the cheater-dealers, stop punishing good dealers & customers & commit to fulfilling the reservations first like they originally said. But again, I'm just dreaming....
  4. Ford Stops ADM on Ford Lightning why not Bronco

    Absolutely!! To say the Bronco debacle has angered many MORE customers is barley scratching the surface - when is Ford going to wake the fuck up?!
  5. Price Gouging @ Westway Ford Irving Texas

    So these are the greed dripping shit-bags really running Ford then - with an out of control monopoly like this it allllll makes sense now whats going on! Thats one hefty rat's nest that will be hard to kick over.
  6. Remaining early reservations not scheduled

    Same here. Replaced all intake manifold gaskets & major cleaning of fuel injectors, new MAF sensor etc etc this last week to keep 21 year old Ranger 4WD limping along. I won't be getting my ordered bronco - who knows what they'll have in 2024 or what they'll do to further punish Granger & us...
  7. Everglades Bronco Teaser Photos Reveal Square Fenders, Snorkel and Wheel Design

    I'm just pissed is all, feeling Jilted after a couple years of hype & expectations dashed in one poke in the eye after another by Ford. I dont really believe for one second that I'll ever see the one I ordered, even when 2024 does roll around on the calendar! Shame on you Ford, you suck!
  8. Everglades Bronco Teaser Photos Reveal Square Fenders, Snorkel and Wheel Design

    Way cool! But whats the point really? They can't even make the models they have.

    I would love to do this with my Bronco. But will they even still be making them in 2024 when the trickery of allocation supposedly will allow me to take delivery? I have serious doubts. In the mean time I'll enjoy (or not) these envious stories of Bronco experiences.
  10. Letter to Ford CEO and Board of Directors

    THIS!!!! First & foremost I would say & I might add any & all angles to get our point across both civilized or not. I won't stop using descriptions like "cockroach" "beady-eyed" "money-grubbing-dirt-slime" for the ADM addicted cheater dealers.
  11. Base Bronco ordering .. not much you can add

    Basesquatch IS a great deal. I've priced out all kinds of builds to achieve an "aftermarket" squatch using the base & it is never easy or cheaper. I'd rather start driving it anyway instead of spending weeks on the lift. But wait ---This of course assumes I'll ever even see the damn...
  12. RESOLVED! Dealer screwed me - 10k over msrp - Lindsay Ford - Wheaton, MD

    THIS!!!! We have to stand strong in the face of these beady-eyed cockroach cheater dealers & their bag of tricks.
  13. Why is Dealer Allocation even a thing?

    Agreed. The whole debacle has shone a bright light on many dealerships where the beady-eyed cockroach sales staff scurry around rubbing their hands at the prospect of ADM mark ups like a throng of addicts fighting for a crumb of dope. The behavior is nauseating to say the least & definitely begs...
  14. Removing these 3 constraints / commodities will improve your Bronco order’s chances of getting scheduled - says Ford

    Just ship the stinkin' 2 doors shrink-wrapped with no top - I can have one of the local boat places build a custom soft top no problem.
  15. 4 year wait for Bronco orders?

    Unfortunately for you & I & everyone else with Granger, its looking increasingly likely Ford will dissolve the reservation system, & current orders just unceremoniously cancelled as well - in a final move to force us all to just pay outrageous markup at their pet cheater-dealers --- IF we really...
  16. 4 year wait for Bronco orders?

    yep I may not cancel my order outright but probly just walk away from paying any attention any more, go pursue another reliable great truck & there are many. Thanks for nothing Ford - you won't get my business but you WILL get my wrath - every & anyone I talk to about cars forever more will be...
  17. 4 year wait for Bronco orders?

    With those numbers I wonder if they will still punish Granger & their customers with constricted allocations.