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  1. 2021 Bronco AUX Switches Wiring Diagram, Video, Discussions

    I would recommend tapping into the rear quarter panel wire because it passes on the passenger side and you can easily find it. All you would have to do is remove one of the trim panels which come out pretty easily and then wire into it.
  2. 2021 Bronco AUX Switches Wiring Diagram, Video, Discussions

    I’m pretty sure you would have to cut into a lot of wiring. It’s probably possible but I doubt anyone has figured it out yet
  3. Dashcam recommendation

    I'm using a Garmin mini and connected it to the auto-dimming mirror power with a dongar adapter. Highly recommend it, as it is easy to install and works perfectly when I start my bronco.
  4. Sand / Dune flag mount

    After taking a look at my bronco, I think the best spots for a mount are either going to be on the lightbar accessory area or the front bumper. I have the modular bumper so it should be pretty easy to find a mount that fits the screws. I looked everywhere on the back and there's really no mounts...
  5. What side is Aux wiring in the back of the bronco?

    There was multiple brackets that made it really hard to take it off and I really didn’t want to break anything. It’s probably possible but it’s definitely not easy
  6. How is the Ford dash cam? Should I look at something else?

    Unfortunately, many of us don't have the lux package so this won't work :/ I'll probably end up taping into the power going into the rearview mirror or some cable up there.
  7. How is the Ford dash cam? Should I look at something else?

    I just purchased two Garmin Dash Cam's. I plan on making a video on the install once they arrive next week. I strongly suggest not purchasing a dashcam from ford because they seem way too overpriced for what you get.
  8. The official, my dealer is a tool and won't tell me my rail car number.

    I'd suggest asking someone or another dealership for help finding it, you just need access to Ford's database, and once you have that you can see all the information. Here's what mine looked like.
  9. What side is Aux wiring in the back of the bronco?

    Here's my video of running a wire to the rear aux cable. Might help. Let me know if you want a different view of it.
  10. Rear Dash Cam wiring

    I'll link my video here. In it, I ran a wire to my auxiliary switch so I can use it as power for my subwoofer. I'll update this message with a new video once I'm done installing it. Let me know what other things you guys want to see on the bronco.
  11. Anyone have access to pages of the service manual showing interior panel removal?

    Can you link the thread here? I’m currently trying to change my kick panel speakers but the drivers side is not budging.
  12. *SOLD* *Free* 4" Speaker harness components and 6" Metra harness Here ya go. I'm pretty sure this is only the wires though and not the connector itself.
  13. 🛠 10/11/21 Build Week Group

    I also have a soft top badlands and I don't see anything on my window sticker. I'll attach it if you wanna take a look.