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  1. Welcome to the Chit Show @dealerinsider

    Looks like im #44 on the list. Waiting for the body colored hard top, so that leaves me at MY23'. IIRC, FORD will revert back to normal production this year. MY23 production will commence in the fall of this year. Up until now, the Bronco has seen an abbreviated production and MY23 will be the...
  2. My audio system upgrade with lots of photos

    I'm going for the Lux package and looking to install a sub or two under the rear seats. I've been rocking JL's since about 99".
  3. Granger Email - Order pushed to bottom?

    I'm a 1October2020 RSVP at Granger. Got the same email. IIRC, the email stated they were trying to convert orders to up their allocation. I decided against it because FORD had announced body colored hard tops aren't available 2023.
  4. October Granger reservation holders

    I'm a 1-Oct RSVP holder. Staying the course for now.
  5. My Eruption Green 2022 Bronco delivered!

    Not feeling this color at all!
  6. Dealers WILL be held accountable by Ford for Bronco sales shenanigans

    Tesla does a great job taking your money online, but their after purchase service leaves a little to be desired. Tesla needs a OEM service network. I can get to a FORD, Honda, Mercedes, VW, Jeep, Acura or Audi Dealer before a Tesla service center. Buyers won't be able to totally shun dealers...
  7. Houston Area member Roll Call!

    I forgot about Helfman. Wonder if that’s the same guy that owns river oaks Chrysler. That guy was/is a good friend of my pops. Iirc the dad owns Ford dealership and the son owns the Chrysler.
  8. Spotted: Bronco Raptor DWARFS Jeep Gladiator

    Not a fair comparison. What would in look like next to a rubi w/ recon pack
  9. Dealer confirms early time stamps mean nothing

    It was said early on. Builds will go in order of timestamps dependent of commodities.
  10. Welcome to the Chit Show @dealerinsider

    He just updated that list no long ago. We
  11. RESOLVED! Dealer screwed me - 10k over msrp - Lindsay Ford - Wheaton, MD

    My RSVP was initially at Wheaton Ford, switched to Chapman when the wife and I stopped by the dealership to ask about ADM back in the spring and the dude with the accent was acting shady. We drove by today before seeing this, and told I the wife they were screwing customers at delivery.
  12. Dealer says MY22 reservations ( with specific specs )are paused.

    Was there a pause that affected that dealer. It seems dealers aren’t communicating everything. Did you ask your dealer, they reason for the pause and how long they were paused? One thing I have learned is that these salesmen get info info internally in passing and pass it to customers...
  13. 2.3 Shaping up to be the better Engine?

    This is not substituting bacon for sausage at the local diner. We are talking a big purchase. For the amount of money spending I rather have what I want that the flashy new thing to show for other dudes. I’m married Bronco or not, I’m getting laid.
  14. Bronc Buster AKA “broken Bronco” running 40’s on 2” lift

    This type of mod is like showing up to party with a hot chick. They guys will give you props, but the girls know she's been around.
  15. 2022 Bronco Badlands Order Question

    What does your account say? Did you get your RSVP email when you RSVP’ed.
  16. Jumping Ship? - What's Your Plan B Vehicle Purchase?

    Bronco is for me, wife is waiting on the redesigned RS3. We discussed becoming a one car family and the Mayan GTS has been discussed or low mileage G-Wagon. We rented a fully loaded Badlands w soft top and were blown away. Ran errands, drove out to Shenandoah Moutain and drove Skyline Drive...