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  1. ADV Fiberglass - Bronco Hardtop Teaser - Part 1

    Awesome! I have the MIC 2.0 Hardtop and it's definitely still not perfect. My main issue is the wind noise at speed with the OEM top. Looking forward to see if your top rectifies these issues. Also, if memory serves, the max load on the OEM tops is 400 lbs. Not great for rack + tent + 2 people...
  2. 2-door Cactus Gray Black Diamond build

    Did you have to take off the OEM rock rails?
  3. FernieSanders

    SoCal Broncos

    I didn't pay a markup on my reservation. You'll definitely find markups on non-reserved dealer allocated cars or on reserved cars that didn't sell to the reservation holders. That being said, I know that AutoNation dealers are not marking up reserved Broncos, so if you need a reference to an...
  4. FernieSanders

    SoCal Broncos

  5. FernieSanders

    SoCal Broncos

    Don't have the time but please document, would love to see how you got there.
  6. Installed Thinkware F200 Pro Dash Cam (Front and Rear Recorder)

    How do you redeem the points on the store? Am I dumb or do you have to go through a dealer? I scoured the page yesterday in the accessories store trying to figure it out.
  7. Post Your Bronco Production Line Pics! (From Ford Emails Starting Today)

    I took delivery last Thursday, October 21, got my pic today!
  8. FernieSanders

    SoCal Broncos

    CO is the right color for the 2-door
  9. Delivery mileage

    No joke mine had 69 miles on it.
  10. FernieSanders

    SoCal Broncos

    @never_own_a_ford_before Thanks I sent the request
  11. FernieSanders

    SoCal Broncos

    Sounds great! I just took delivery of my Bronco yesterday, so want to break it in and get that first service done before I do some fun-having. Could be fun around thanksgiving time? Seems like more Broncos are being delivered now. My dealer told me that I was delivery #6 yesterday and they had...
  12. Did you get X-Plan honored? If so, how?

    I am in the industry so I actually qualify for X-Plan pricing no matter what, but my dealer told me that the Bronco does not qualify for X-Plan. If you did get the pricing honored through the program, how did that happen? Did they just give you the discount anyway and not go through the plan...
  13. Tennessee OBX Grille for Badlands

    That's why.
  14. FernieSanders

    SoCal Broncos

    Could be fun, I'll be taking delivery in the next 2 weeks, maybe an off-road trail? Something simple everyone could handle?
  15. Getting back at Fomoco: Boycott Off-Roadeo

    Easy to suggest when you've already done it.
  16. Make your Bronco an ICON - Intro from ICON Vehicle Dynamics

    Thanks, Dusty! Looking forward to it. I need these turbine wheels in my life!
  17. 4-Door Roof Rack Options for MIC Top?

    That would be great, thank you! My delivery is Oct 22-28th range.
  18. 4-Door Roof Rack Options for MIC Top?

    I'll definitely be asking the parts counter when I go to get the car delivered. I also read somewhere (I could have imagined it, it's been a while) that the weight capacity for the top is 400 lbs, is that correct?