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  1. 'Cuse & Greater CNY Bronco Club

    @Rosanna Like a clamp situation, I havent taken it apart to know for sure
  2. Curious…who actually has gotten delivery of their Bronco?

    Got our OBX SAS 3 weeks ago. Plenty of us have them. Early order + Soft top = good chance you are getting it soon or already. Hard top or other problematic equipment = good luck getting it this year. Simple as that.
  3. 'Cuse & Greater CNY Bronco Club

    It is installed on the bumper. It came like this from dealer.
  4. 'Cuse & Greater CNY Bronco Club

    Dont trade with them if you can help it. Echo Park in Cicero has been making stellar offers to me and everyone I've told to go there. They give KBB value or better every time as long as you are selling something not beat to absolute hell and less than 10 years old. Good luck finding a Bronco...
  5. 'Cuse & Greater CNY Bronco Club

    1k miles in, some daylight pics of our stable.
  6. 'Cuse & Greater CNY Bronco Club

    Front plate bracket
  7. 'Cuse & Greater CNY Bronco Club

    I have no idea, will grab a pic after work
  8. 'Cuse & Greater CNY Bronco Club

    A51 is ours! The yellow was the forst Ive seen in wild, a dealer demo WT lux.
  9. 'Cuse & Greater CNY Bronco Club

    They gave a conservative sight unseen offer several thousand less than a competing used car dealer cash offer. Second time in a row, dealt with the same with my mach e purchase through them. I will wait until they see it and give their best final offer before losing faith, but Im not...
  10. 'Cuse & Greater CNY Bronco Club

    It is! Might need to delay taking delivery though if they are going to fuck me on my trade like I am anticipating. Should have it next week sometime while I clear some funds for a down payment while I sell private party for what it i actually worth. Should know in the next hour whether Im...
  11. 'Cuse & Greater CNY Bronco Club

    Go take a look if you are Syracuse local. I gave them permission to show it (no driving) to customers with orders, call ahead and see if they will show it you you as well, I dont think they are putting it on the floor, its probably going to be kept out of sight.
  12. 'Cuse & Greater CNY Bronco Club

    Iykyk... guess what time it is!
  13. 'Cuse & Greater CNY Bronco Club

    @NY WLDTRKBRONCO Fyi thats the Koerner Fords (owner) personal Bronco. That was the order directly before mine, their priority 1.
  14. 'Cuse & Greater CNY Bronco Club

    I briefly spotted a Cyber Orange unknown trim going opposite direction as me in Oswego. Looks absolutely sick with the rag top back
  15. 'Cuse & Greater CNY Bronco Club

    Ford just updated my tracker, my Sas Obx is being delivered (in theory)between 8/5-8/11. Built 7/20. Not super quick, but not too bad a wait. Koerner Fords 2nd Bronco I believe, 2nd to the owners priority order, so it is basically the first legit regular order, probably one of the first 5 in all...
  16. 10 Highest ADM

    Which would satisfy me, if there was a reasonable expectation of getting a new order built asap...
  17. 10 Highest ADM

    Im all in, but I want the ability to refuse delivery no questions asked if something about it isnt right. Jacked up paint, mic in bad shape, or a host of other things. If the deposit was not refundable, I would feel obligated to buy something I dont feel good about. Who wants to start off a new...
  18. 10 Highest ADM

    I disagree. A $1000 non-refundable deposit for a vehicle I've never seen in person? Fuck that.
  19. Who's a 7/19 build?

    I got mine several days ago, 7/19 week, 7/19 blend
  20. New England Broncos

    @BuzzyBud Sas or no sas?