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  1. A little sumpin' for Sunday: Alt Bronco Off Roadeo graphic.

    Very nice . . . I like it!!
  2. List of 2021 to 2022 model year changes and updates?

    The 2022 hammock is a slightly darker blue color than the 2021 version.
  3. Thumbs down!!

  4. Oxford White Wildtrak with Stealth PPF Wrap + Ceramic Coat

    Some folks go to BroncoDepot but I had trouble getting into their site. Here are some more choices: 1) 2) 3)
  5. Embarrassing First Stuck

    My guess is that you could have either aired down or used vehicle recovery boards (like Max Trax) to easily get unstuck, probably didn't need the F-250. But hey, you were there and would know best, not me, and it looked pretty icy under the fluff . . . glad you were close to home!
  6. Bronco phrases you've come to hate?

    Tired of: 1) Receiving an e-mail from Ford on Thursday, only to find it's just another marketing blurb. 2) Guys on their high-horse about Moab being the ONLY place you can go for "real off-roading". 3) 25 minute Bronco videos on YouTube that can successfully be delivered in 4 minutes, please...
  7. Removing rear badge

    I've heard that, but never tried it. As the adhesive softens when heated, the dental floss cuts right through it, you really don't need anything more aggressive than the floss. Most people have dental floss laying around while not many people have fishing line on hand.
  8. Removing rear badge

    I have de-badged cars before using dental floss and a hair dryer (to heat up the emblem and soften the adhesive). They usually come right off without a problem, no damage to paint.
  9. Which Off-Rodeo is Best?

    Nevada Off-Rodeo uses plenty of "all natural" trails. When I was there we went down canyons with dry river beds and some washes cut from flash floods, areas that were naturally strewn with basketball size boulders (and some larger) for rock crawling, TOTALLY off road. Here is a photo I took...

    Well, you did not actually "order" your Bronco in July 2020, it was just a "reservation". Since you did not take delivery of a 2021 Bronco, you were supposed to convert your reservation into an order for a 2022 Bronco with your dealer . . . did you do that? If so, the normal routine would have...
  11. Order Date 1/7/22 and Reservation Date of 7/15/20 - What's a realistic delivery time frame?

    Oh, okay . . . man, that's tough, because you actually have a nice reservation timestamp, but your order date is so late I suppose that will cause some difficulty. Knownhuman is right about "dealer allocations" and constraints like the MIC (hard top), those issues will clearly impact delivery...
  12. Order Date 1/7/22 and Reservation Date of 7/15/20 - What's a realistic delivery time frame?

    Not sure I understand the timeline . . . you placed your reservation way back in July of 2020 (as many of us did), but you didn't actually convert it to an ORDER until last week??
  13. Which Off-Rodeo is Best?

    I don't think you can go wrong, they're all good based on multiple reviews here on B6G. If you have to travel a fair distance (which it seems you do), why not select a location that has something interesting for you to do besides Off-Rodeo and spend a day to sightsee for all the trouble? For...
  14. B&O stereo on surround sound

    Can't wait for my Bronco . . . I have B&O/LUX on the way . . . thanks for the enthusiastic review!
  15. Cheapest option for mud flaps in a 2 door Outerbanks?

    I've used these, they work great and as far as I can see they are the only fiberglass reinforced mud flaps on the market today, very durable. Great quality for the price for sure.
  16. Emails by Feb 2022 says Ford customer service

    Feb 2022 E-mail: " Congrats on reserving your 2023 Bronco, your new hammock is scheduled for production in August 2022".
  17. "Sasquatch Patrol" Basesquatch in Gloss Metallic Racing Green wrap park ranger theme

    The concept is too cutesy for me, like a high school kid decking out his ride . . . although the work on this is clearly professional and well done. Not for me (but I agree to each his own).
  18. What is this button?!

    "SAM HELL" . . . wow, you're dating yourself with that one.
  19. I have some bad news.

    I thought you can use FORscan to make it hybrid, I read it on another thread, and my dealer told me, as well as the "lady at Ford".
  20. Necklace in the mail today

    You have to call the Bronco Help Line and ask for the Chief Swag Development Officer . . . his name is D. Cal.