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  1. Just curious, how many miles did your bronco have when you picked it up at dealer??

    Mine had 18. Has 140 now. I need to drive more.
  2. I think I'm out.....

    I wasn't referring to anyone specific, but I certainly respect consistency.
  3. I think I'm out.....

    Unfortunately, this is very true. A lot of people are total ass hats on the internet. Everyone’s circumstances are different. If you’re looking at having one vehicle and you have a commute or do a lot of driving, then something that gets better mileage makes sense. I “daily” drive my Bronco...
  4. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    That’s so irritating. You still in railroad limbo?
  5. October Granger reservation holders

    I have an October 2nd res that I will keep. I am in a Badlands 4-door soft top that I got with my day 1 reservation at my local dealer, so I am in no hurry at all. Hoping for more colors/options by the time I am actually close to scheduling for the next one. Edit: by the time the Oct res...
  6. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    I don’t plan on doing much in the way of mods. But here’s the fist.
  7. Drivetrain Failure in Bronco Badlands 2.3 Back with new engine after 4 months

    One (more) last update. Picked up my new Badlands a few days ago, so I am back in a Bronco:). Had a good delivery experience and paid MSRP.
  8. 2.7L blown engine fail list . . 26 so far [Jan 14 update]

    Yep, I had a 2.3 replaced after 600 miles. I would not classify mine as a catastrophic failure. The engine would still crank up and run, but with serious noise and vibration. They initially thought clutch, then looked at the transmission (7MT), before finally diagnosing as an engine issue...
  9. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    Page 420. Happy New Year 11/15ers.
  10. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    Almost my exact build only different shade of blue and different wheels:) Enjoy! The 7MT is so much fun. If they offered a coyote version, but only auto like the Jeep 392, I’d still get the 2.3 7MT ten times out of ten. It’s great.
  11. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    I got it off of this delivery checklist:
  12. Resolved to my satisfaction

    I really wanted a Bronco, so I stuck it out. Thankfully my dealer agreed to MSRP up front and was willing to give it to me in writing. I am incredibly unimpressed with Ford’s attempt to be modern with reservations, but total lack of follow through with communications or control over the good...
  13. ANTIMATTER BLUE Bronco Club

    Picked mine up yesterday. It was overcast, so couldn’t really get that deep blue metallic to come out. I definitely like how the orange Badlands accents look against the AMB though. I think there are three Cyber Orange 4-doors in my town already. Glad this one will be somewhat unique...
  14. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    So my transaction was pretty easy. My salesperson did not know about the customer satisfaction funds, but I told her where to look and they honored it. They just gave it to me as a credit off the price. I paid MSRP and $500 doc fee. They are doing MSRP on all special orders. They are...
  15. OuterBanks High package available in Maryland

    I am at my dealership (Hagerstown Ford in western Maryland) picking up my Bronco. Pretty exciting. They have a 4-door OuterBanks in velocity blue with high package available. It’s got navy pier leather, 2.3, 10AT, soft top. It’s nice. It’s $7500 over MSRP, so not cheap, but thought I’d post...
  16. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    Holy sh*t snacks Batman, mine is at the dealer! Never got a shipped email and nothing ever changed on Palsapp. I guess they got a smaller carrier to run it down here. I’m going to pick it up this afternoon. Made it in 2021 by a nat’s arse.
  17. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    My estimated delivery is Saturday, but no movement on Palsapp. Still have a “null” destination. It’s convoy, so could conceivably get here in a day, but more likely out in January sometime.
  18. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    Seriously! I was not expecting anything until after the new year, but estimated delivery is this week!!
  19. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    Merry Christmas to me! Woke up this morning to a built email.
  20. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    Nah, nobody is going to provide any real info. I'll just wait it out. I'm trying to be patient, but it's hard😆