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  1. HOT PEPPER RED Bronco Club

    Thanks for the pic! 1st I've seen with the sasquatch/silver tire ring. More pics please!!
  2. ADV Fiberglass - Bronco Hardtop Teaser - Part 3

    For those guessing price and comparing to a truck topper... This will have a rear defroster, a windshield wiper, and a wiper fluid sprayer. Assuming it will also have more sound deadening than a topper, I would assume it would be at least double the cost of a topper.
  3. '22 Floor Mats Photo Request

  4. '22 Floor Mats Photo Request

    Now that the 2022's are being delivered, does anyone have any pics of the new floormats that came out for the 22MY? I have been curious what is new with them...
  5. HOT PEPPER RED Bronco Club

    Found this one too... 2022 Ford Bronco BLACK DIAMOND $63,900 - Motorwerks
  6. HOT PEPPER RED Bronco Club

    Do you feel like the pics are coming out to how it looks in person? I remember when I saw a HPR Mavericks at an auto show, I couldn't get the photo to match
  7. 2/21/2022 Build Week Group

    I went navy pier. Going red, white, and blue. Lol
  8. Build date e-mail

    when was your preorder/order date
  9. 2/21/2022 Build Week Group

    This is practically my exact build. Please send pics when you get it
  10. HOT PEPPER RED Bronco Club

    I see you got that new bumper too. How do you like?
  11. HOT PEPPER RED Bronco Club

    Thanks Everyone for posting the pics!! Keep 'em coming!! Whos going to send the first pick with the top off/down???
  12. HOT PEPPER RED Bronco Club

    Can you send some outdoor pics?
  13. VID: Soft Top Weight is 100-103lbs

    Just saw this on YouTube. Soft top looks to weigh about 100lbs... Give or take. Good to know removing alone is not an option...
  14. HOT PEPPER RED Bronco Club

    So in 2-3 days we may be able to start getting pics?!? 🤞🤞🤞
  15. HOT PEPPER RED Bronco Club

    Has anyone's been built yet? If it has, you may be able to use that backdoor link to get the picture of it off the assembly line... I'm dying for some pics!
  16. Accepting Bronco Orders at MSRP [Admin Warning: No Trolling / Inciting]

    I can vouch for Zach! He is awesome! Was willing to sign pricing agreement so I didn't have to worry about another dishonest dealership like we have all seen! Remember everyone, he is one person, not an entire team. Please cut him some slack!
  17. ANTIMATTER BLUE Bronco Club

    That looks like the exact build I wanted! Why did they have to cancel that color God? WHY ?
  18. Find your Order Number

    OK so sounds like it is completely different from my reservation order that I have in. With my current order, I am able to see everything in the "pizza tracker" but since my second one isn't a reservation, then I will have to wait until a VIN is provided. Is that correct? Let the anxiety begin!
  19. Find your Order Number

    The order code just says 002Z. That cant be right...
  20. Find your Order Number

    This question is for anyone who has placed an order WITHOUT a reservation. How were you able to find your order number? Was it emailed to you automatically from ford? Did the dealer provide it to you? Any incite would be appreciated.