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  1. 99 Broncos were built at MAP last month

    That’s what I am expecting. Bronco Sport mannequin units were out a few weeks before we received our first stock units. Assume Bronco may be similar. Still waiting on Mach-E....
  2. 99 Broncos were built at MAP last month

    This is true, I somewhat doubt this “99” are those.
  3. DIO (Dealer Installed Options) Program Allows Bronco Accessories To Be Included In Purchase Price and Installed by Dealer

    I'm not sure if we are talking about the same build sheet. I am talking about the print out from the dealer after they input your order into WBDO. I can't say for sure on locking wheel lugs, but many of the accessories (think bike racks, rock rails, cargo management items) don't show up on the...
  4. Anywhere in Northern VA/MD area still with good deals?

    MD processing fees are now $500, most NOVA dealers are $799 and up. MD is state regulated, VA is at the dealers discretion. FWIW
  5. DIO (Dealer Installed Options) Program Allows Bronco Accessories To Be Included In Purchase Price and Installed by Dealer

    For anyone who has actually converted their order, did your DIO's show up on your Ford build sheet? The ones that we have converted do not show any of the accessories ordered. It appears (as of now) that they have to be ordered separately from the local authorized Ford parts and accessories...
  6. Cactus Gray Depiction Updated on B&P

    I don’t know if that is under lights or outside. Remember, if under lights, most artificial lights are not daylight balanced and often have a blue or green cast. If that is daylight, I just don’t know what to It looks great in person to me!
  7. Cactus Gray Depiction Updated on B&P

    I don’t know who picks the names of colors but the word “cactus” certainly screams green. Couple that with original B&P image which was like a light pastel green to my eyes. When I first saw it in person, I’m surprised to not see green. Maybe in bright sunlight??
  8. Cactus Gray Depiction Updated on B&P

    That is taken is natural light, overcast day, not edited at all. I don’t see green but that’s my eyes...
  9. Cactus Gray Depiction Updated on B&P

    The original B&P depiction looked almost mint green to me. In person, I don’t see green at all. The update is much more accurate to my eyes. I actually like the color a lot.
  10. Welcome to the Chit Show @dealerinsider

    Looks like 56% of 1025 (that's 574 for the mathematically challenged) U.S. adults find car salespeople somewhat highly trusted. That's not terrible. If you factor in that there is no "margin or error" stated, we could be talking north of 60%. Given that the poll was from 2018, I'm guessing...
  11. Welcome to the Chit Show @dealerinsider

    Okay, Someone buying a 2021 Bronco from me. (That is meant to be humor, but please feel free to jump on the dealer bashing
  12. Welcome to the Chit Show @dealerinsider

    I am not sure where you a getting that? Jealousy of dealers offering great deals? I am pretty sure I said that it is great and applauded Tom for what he has done. Maybe I just think differently than the pack. If I can afford a 60K luxury item and a depreciating asset then how does 57K make it...
  13. Welcome to the Chit Show @dealerinsider

    So you are a salesman...I hope medical wares don't suffer the reputation of automobile sales...."damn lying defibrillator salesman". I am totally a free market guy (as you would expect) and I have clearly stated that I don't have any issue with what another dealership chooses to do or how any...
  14. Welcome to the Chit Show @dealerinsider

    I stand corrected. I am looking at the actual D-Plan website as we speak. It does only list FE 2/4dr as ineligible. I certainly assumed (apparently incorrectly) that plan pricing would not be offered as they have officially announced that X-plan would not. There aren't many prior examples where...
  15. Welcome to the Chit Show @dealerinsider

    The information you have has not been officially communicated to Ford Dealerships at this time (at least not my dealership). It seems to be from Twitter or a PR release or both.
  16. Welcome to the Chit Show @dealerinsider

    News to SMART vincent (the rebate program) is not available at this point, we shall see. That said, dealers may still opt to accept or not accept plan pricing on the model.
  17. Welcome to the Chit Show @dealerinsider

    Can't tell where that is posted, doesn't appear to be an official Ford site. I did notice that D-plan is not listed (dealership employees are not eligible for A/Z plan). None of which changes the original point that IF I buy a 2021MY, I will pay MSRP and that is a fact!
  18. Welcome to the Chit Show @dealerinsider

    Thank you friend, but I am quite happy with my current digs. I don't think having an opportunity to purchase a high demand vehicle is being treated poorly. Paying a small profit to the dealer (of which I get a percentage of anyway) is not an issue for me as I don't view profit as a bad thing. I...
  19. Welcome to the Chit Show @dealerinsider

    Respectfully, that is not the information we have received from a Regional Rep. Certainly Mr. Levine would have reason to say this. Shelby and Raptor have not offered plan pricing in the past and it is reasonable that they would not be offered on the first model year of Bronco. I am not on...
  20. Welcome to the Chit Show @dealerinsider

    I think you haven’t been following the threads very well. Dealers have to maintain a 80% conversion rate of converted orders (reservations) to actual RDR's to the customer holding the reservation. Severe penalties are in place for dealers who violate this (good for Ford). There is absolutely no...