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  1. 1TNgirl

    Georgia Bronco

    I received mine today as well!!
  2. Received this from The Bronco Team -- Bronco concept art poster and a sticker

    I received my participation trophy in the mail today. Exactly what I needed after waiting over a year and having to settle for MIC top on a 60k vehicle that was supposed to have a MOD top standard. 🙄😤😢
  3. July 1 Email Group!

    I'm in the same boat with you. I'm an early am 7/15 reservation and 1/20 order for my WT. Seeing same builds reserved later getting built and it is heartbreaking.
  4. Official MPG figures: 2021 Bronco 2.3L and 2.7L fuel economy

    At the SCE our driver was tracking with road, off roading, and idling a lot. He stated it was doing great and expected hwy to be at least 20. So, anyones guess and in my house it depends on the driver.
  5. Bronco Owner Stereotypes TBD

    I resemble that remark! :ROFLMAO:
  6. What will you do if jeep offer Sasquatch package on every model

    Keep standing in the Bronco line till my number is called 🙄
  7. Wildtrak ride along review

    I got my ride-a-long in early this morning in the rain! I myself was pretty impressed with the Carbonized Gray Wildtrak 4 door we were in. He punched it a few times in spots and it was the smoothest I ever felt on trails. I at least know now that I will not be disappointed with VB WT :love:
  8. Woosahhhhh

    Day 3 here... not sweating it either. Just more time to save for down payment or accessories :LOL:
  9. Atlanta Car Show (Bronco on Display)

    Pretty much! 🤫😆
  10. Atlanta Car Show (Bronco on Display)

    I got lucky!
  11. Atlanta International Auto Show

    Got my eyes, hands and booty in the seat of the OuterBanks! Height gage... I'm 5'2"
  12. 1TNgirl

    Tennessee Bronco Club

    I'll be there just as an observer this time 😔. Better believe I'll sign up for a ride later on with my Wildtrak... whenever that might be 🥺
  13. Those of us who are email-less so far...stay calm.

    Yeah, I'm a early day 3 and could never get an answer on where I stood in line at dealer. Just hoping I'm a late email. It seems every time people share about receiving Ford emails, I'm always way later. 😔
  14. Those of us who are email-less so far...stay calm.

    Dalton... no communication unless I initiate. I figured Chattanooga dealers would be slammed with reservations. I rolled the dice... lol
  15. Those of us who are email-less so far...stay calm.

    Actually Ringgold, but always a TN girl.
  16. Those of us who are email-less so far...stay calm.

    Well, I'm getting butt hurt with all these late reserves stealing all my Wildtrak parts!! :cry:
  17. Atlanta Car Show (Bronco on Display)

    I'll be there Saturday, but already seen a video of it on display. I cannot wait to get my own eyes on it!