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  1. 🛠 12/20/21 Build Week Group

    Same here no change in any of the trackers. Modules or back door. My dealer won’t provided much information beyond 4-6 weeks. The EDD hasn’t moved from the 1/31 so im hanging my hopes on that.
  2. 🛠 12/20/21 Build Week Group

    Ditto how did you get the cross bars already?
  3. Ford Performance RIGID® 360-Series 4 Inch LED Off-Road Lights

    Well that may answer my question.
  4. Ford Performance RIGID® 360-Series 4 Inch LED Off-Road Lights

    The motorcraft wire kit I received only has two wires. A black and red wire - wonder if they started swapping out the Rigid wiring for a specific wire kit so it only has the red and black? In any case, couldn't I add the third wire to get the back light? Really want the back light (only...
  5. 🛠 12/20/21 Build Week Group

    Never mind I had a second screenshot. It says by rail! Now I have to find out how to search those. There is a plethora of resources for that.
  6. 🛠 12/20/21 Build Week Group

    Looks pretty obvious to me don’t know why I missed that!! Thanks! now I know why. My screenshot of the Houdini window sticker did not capture the bottom half. Grr
  7. 🛠 12/20/21 Build Week Group

    Where is the code on the window sticker to determine if you are train or convoy/truck?
  8. Emergency Rain Cover for MIC?

    The ford accessory site has the cover for the storage as well as canvas tops that look very similar to that Jeep setup. But that is for the four door don’t see on for the 2 door.
  9. Oracle Lighting Amber Black Illuminated Grill Letters Installed

    So I don’t. Have my Bronco yet and I’m not sure how the lights work. Are the lights amber on the Bronco? Trying to decide if I want white or amber. Yours look good with the amber! Is that stock or did you swap the headlights?
  10. Oracle Lighting Amber Black Illuminated Grill Letters Installed

    Btw thanks for answering my question on those look great Definately on my short list of “need to have”
  11. Oracle Lighting Amber Black Illuminated Grill Letters Installed

    I assume you have to remove the OEM letters? Aren’t those plastic welded in?
  12. 🛠 12/20/21 Build Week Group

    I’d like to know too. Mine was blended on 12/22, admittedly I don’t think that means built but it’s close right? So where has it been sitting since then?
  13. 🛠 12/20/21 Build Week Group

    Gotta love all these Broncos getting picked up. Congrats to everyone who received their Bronco.
  14. 🛠 12/20/21 Build Week Group

    Back door link says in production on 12/20 but the standar link says in production 1/3. Which one do we believe? Also would the priority (19) have anything to do with why mine is still showing in Production and it doesn’t show on any of the transport websites? I know that’s my one allowed...
  15. 🛠 12/20/21 Build Week Group

    And the badlands Sasquatch builds
  16. 🛠 12/20/21 Build Week Group

    Lol I wondered when I read your sig
  17. 🛠 12/20/21 Build Week Group

    Still waiting for my email getting nothing done at work
  18. 🛠 12/20/21 Build Week Group

    So is everyone getting a pic today of their Bronco?????
  19. 🛠 12/20/21 Build Week Group

    So I just got an email from United with a delivery receipt signed by my dealer? Does that mean my trcuk just got delivered? never mind it’s just because I signed up for delivery receipts to the dealer. What a bummer… 🤦‍♂️